As the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing nations across the globe to continue lockdown, CallHippo is working tirelessly to ensure their clients’ business continuity while working from home.

This month, too, we have come up with some exciting major and minor updates to help you continue enjoying your CallHippo experience regardless of this crucial time.

Major Web & App Updates @ CallHippo

1. IP White Listing

CallHippo has enabled IP White Listing for its Web App and Web Dialer in its latest update. Earlier, users would log in to the system from any of the IPs. To ensure security and bring in integrity in the process, CallHippo now enables administrators to mark certain IPs as whitelisted. This will allow the users to access the app and dialer only when they login to the system through the whitelisted IPs; thus, ensuring reliability and security.

2. Enhanced Live Call

You will now be able to access call data and call status in real-time with the new and updated live call feature by CallHippo. This will not only boost your agents’ productivity but also empower them to serve better.


3. Easy Access to Call Barge and Call Join

With this recent update, CallHippo enables you to barge as well as join a live or ongoing call in no time. All you need to do is go to the Live Calls tab and choose the calls you want to barge in or join. Hence, you can monitor your subordinates’ performance and help them resolve crucial customer queries in an instant.

4. Get to know CallHippo

Earlier, only the CallHippo account admins were given the option to take a tour of the product. But with this update, we have also enabled sub-users to go around CallHippo and get a knack of its offerings, features, and functionalities. This will help users get familiar with the platform and leverage it in a better way.

5. Standard Number

With this latest update release, CallHippo will now offer 1 Standard Number/user free of charge with its every plan. Thus, you no longer need to pay for a standard number to get started with CallHippo’s cloud telephony solutions.

6. Improvements in IVR

CallHippo has now divided your IVR message into two parts – Welcome and IVR Message. You can set up a customized welcome message, which will be played first and then the IVR message. Besides, if the callers enter an incorrect number, the IVR message will be repeated; hence, enabling them to reach their destination.

Wrapping Up

We always work towards making your experience with CallHippo seamless. So, let us know what you would like to see in our next updates!

Before you leave, don’t forget to check our updated pricing & feature list here.

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