After a harsh and cold winter, when you see the blooming flowers and the green covering of the surrounding forests, you can finally say, “Wow! Spring is here.” Depending on which country you are, the Spring season can signify different things besides the pleasant climate. It’s probably the time to step outside and enjoy the weather, or plant your crop seeds, or even for businesses to grow their customer base!

To ensure you leverage the features of the best business phone system effectively, CallHippo released its latest version – 3.10. Without any further ado, let’s comprehend the features of CallHippo release 3.10

How CallHippo 3.10 Features can Benefit your Business 

Setting a Follow-up call

Be fearless if you are missing the follow-up calls as now CallHippo will remind you to take a call. Set-up a time right after you end the first call and you will be notified as per the time set.

View and Update your Billing information

CallHippo 3.10 has extended its support to the subscription management platform. With this support, you can now access your active subscriptions and invoices easily from your account. Moreover, you can perform the following operations:

  • Add or update details of your CallHippo payment mode while making online payments.
  • View and update your account details.
  • View and update your CallHippo subscription details.
  • Update your current billing address.
  • View your previous payment details such as the date of payment, invoice number, and invoice amount, along with downloading your invoices in PDF format.
  • You can also view your next billing date from the Dashboard

SMS logs

Do you send many businesses or transaction-related SMS to your clients? Well, you can now view details of all these SMSes (under the Activity feed). This includes SMS status i.e. which organizational department sent the message, client name, and time and cost of each SMS. If you are low on account credits, An automated Email will be sent to you from CallHippo.

Want to decide which notifications you should receive? You can easily turn on (or off) the following notification alerts:

  • Receive Updates: Used to configure the setting for receiving updates, tips, promotions, special offers, or any event-related emails from CallHippo.
  • Missed Call Alert: Missed a customer call? You can now choose to receive an email notification on any missed call.
  • Voicemail Alert: Receive an immediate email alert when you receive a voicemail.
  • SMS Alert: Receive an immediate email alert when you receive an SMS.
  • Call Reminder: Don’t want to miss out on making a crucial customer call? Set up a call reminder using this option.

Identifying  Admin Details

Being a sub-user, do you require details of the admin of your account? You can now easily identify the admin along with their registered email address.

CallHippo Release-3.1

Verification of Valid Phone Numbers

Do you make or receive calls directly using the CRM tool? Before placing or receiving a call, you can now verify each phone number to see if it’s still valid. Additionally, you can know the time and timezone of the number you are trying to call just with a hover of your mouse.  

Easy access to Subscription Plans

CallHippo has made it simple for you to change your subscription plan through your online account instead of going through customer support. Simply log into your account and select the subscription plan (basic, bronze, silver, or platinum) and the plan period (annual or monthly).

Know your Admin

The admin itself can now easily change the registered email. If a sub-user want to change your email, you can request the admin to do so. A verification link will be sent to the updated email. The email will change only if you verify the link which ensures the security of the account

Want to cancel your subscription plan with CallHippo? Our redesigned cancellation process makes this very simple and easy to implement.

With advanced technology, CallHippo has enabled global business enterprises to set up an online phone number in a matter of minutes. We continue to deliver business value to our customers through this latest released version 3.10. What do you think of these new features and improvements? Share your feedback with us and let us know of any cool feature that you want to see in our next release. Meanwhile, enjoy expanding your business with your clients this Spring season.

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