So you have a contact centre solution that handles your support, queries, feedback, and analysis along with other customer care services. You are also using it for your direct marketing needs.  

However, increasing customer demands, the vast opportunities offered by cloud-based technologies and your inability to tap these benefits, the added burden of constantly toggling between CRM and calling platform to derive customer data, the need for better analytical tools to penetrate deeper into the market force; all these factors make it inevitable that you add on new softwares to your existing contact centre solution to expand your capabilities.

And then, yet another harsh fact unveils itself – adding a new extension to your already existing set up is way too expensive and ineffective! Yes, whenever you add on a new piece of software, it is generally higher priced besides taking more time and difficulty integrating and mingling with your existing software. Also, with mismatched softwares, your employees need to switch between one software to another from time to time, thus hampering smooth calls and compromising on satisfactory and seamless customer experience.

Moving on further… what is the solution?

The one and the perfect answer here is the integrated contact centre solutions. No more is a basic and isolated contact centre solution a wise choice for a business which aims and visualizes growth and sustainability in this highly developing and connected world. 

To begin with, the mere change in the nomenclature from ‘call centres’ to ‘contact centres’ shows a change in consumer behaviour trend. Now, the customers as well as the service providers are not confined to voice calls as the means of providing customer service and satisfaction. Now, the customers make contact through multiple channels such as voice, video, web, chat, mobile applications, social media, etc. and need faster and in time response. As such, business houses need integrated contact centre solutions where all the internal and external communications with a customer are brought in to a single platform and the service providers get a 360 degrees view of the entire customer history, dealings, profile, needs, preferences and every single data for better, smoother and faster customer service. 

What are the drawbacks of an integrated contact centre solution?

  • These solutions are unable to tap in the benefits of cloud based technologies and thus are unable to cope with the latest technologies and market trends.
  • With the expansion of your business. If you plan to add on new software to upgrade your solution, the cost of purchasing isolated softwares in way higher than the initial investment done in buying an integrated and flexible solution right at the beginning.
  • Newer versions of softwares are more often than not just too stubborn to mingle and integrate with the older versions. Thus operating two mismatched softwares simultaneously is a time consuming and difficult process for the employees who have to continuously switch between softwares to access data. This hampers smooth and fast customer satisfaction and service.
  • Mobility is an issue with isolated contact centre solutions as they are generally premise based and hence require a considerable amount of resources blocked in developing and maintaining infrastructure to manage telephone networks, storage of data, integrate and collaborate various applications.

Contact centre

Integrated contact centre solutions : The need of the hour

With the advent of technology and internet there has been a shift in marketing techniques as well as a shift in customer behaviour. The customers now tend to choose not only on the basis of price and quality of the products but also on the basis of the quality of customer service provided by the company. 

For example, picture this scenario:

A customer calls up via telephone to enquire about a particular product. Your agent immediately and easily gets on screen display and access to the customer data through auto synchronization. He studies the needs, preferences and previous purchases of the customer at a single glance on the screen and as such elaborates on how the particular product could meet the needs of this customer, what are the available support centres in his locality or what are the various other products that could help him further.

Cool? This is exactly how the integrated contact centre solutions help you in giving your customers the best consumer experience and satisfaction. Every conversation and interaction with a customer gets automatically recorded in the system and at the click of a button, the agent has access to all the data the moment a customer gets in touch with him again.

    • Employee training and support is a Herculean task for an expanding enterprise. Any business house can vouch for that. A common communication platform and internal collaboration tools that come inbuilt in an integrated contact centre solution helps the new employees to stay at the same page with their experienced counterparts and thus, they easily and effortlessly can seek help and assistance when they face any difficulty in dealing with customers. Also, if any advanced opinion or clarification is needed from a particular expert in some specific field, the agents can do it immediately without disturbing the communication with the customers. This increases the efficiency, accuracy and speed of the employees. Also, with cloud based technologies, the employees can stay in touch with their work and customers even after the office hours or if they are on a move. This not only keeps the employees connected and motivated but also increases customer satisfaction when a particular customer can connect to any particular agent they prefer or have interacted with earlier whenever they choose to.
    • Today marketing decisions rely heavily on data, reports and detailed analysis. You may own a vast ocean reserve of data with every customer call adding an ounce of information to it, but if these data lay isolated at different centres, different drives or even different spreadsheets, the potential they own just goes wasted. Integrated contact centre solutions give you everything in a single view- right from real time dashboards, historical data, customer journey, call recordings and detailed call analytics and so on and so forth. Now, armed with your data and information at a unified platform, assisted by artificial intelligence, you can analyse, spot and predict trends and make or alter your decisions based on that. Speech analysis tools help your search your voice recordings for a particular phrase or keyword to spot the trending demands in market. Similarly, text analytics can be used to evaluate chats, mails and other social media conversations. You can filter and extract relevant and critical data with ease and speed by just a drag, drop, filter or sort.
    • Integrated contact centre solutions offer multi-faceted benefits of auto diallers. Auto diallers help in eliminating various call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops, thus increasing the call connect ratio and performance. Besides, various reports, real time dashboards, key call metrics help the agents to take quick actions and enhance performance and call quality.  All the business house needs to do is to choose between predictive, progressive and preview diallers according to what suits the needs of the business.
    • With the advancement of the virtual world, getting hold of customers’ data has never been so easy. With an increasing access to personal data comes the need of modifying and upgrading the legacy systems concerning Privacy and Security rules. When a new law comes into effect, you need to incorporate them into your existing setup and make your software compliant to these laws. Without an integrated solution, you are taking data from isolated sources. Integrating these data and complying with ever changing laws becomes an impossible task. 

On a parting note:

Integrated Contact Centre Solutions are the call of the modern times. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, market is evolving like never before, Social Media has penetrated deep into our lives, Start Ups are popping up with every passing minute and you need to evolve, expand and progress continuously to sustain your position in this highly competitive market. As such, traditional and isolated contact centre solutions that keep you weighed down with their limited possibilities and higher expansion price are no more a wise choice. Integrated Contact Centre Solutions are imperative for any business growth given their increased efficiency, limitless possibilities and flexibility to adapt and advance.

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