At CallHippo, we continually add new features and integrations besides fixing bugs and improving performance so that users can make the most out of our services.

This month at CallHippo, we have streamlined internal processes in order to make the user experience even smoother and flawless. Besides, we have come up with some minor updates that you, as a user, would benefit from.

So, let’s take a quick tour of what these updates are all about!

CallHippo Web App Updates

Improved Customer Service

At CallHippo, our team always works towards improving your experience. Thus, we look forward to implementing solutions that enable us to provide better results for the users. With an aim to serve you better and meet your needs effectively, in this recent update of ours, we have enabled integrations with best-in-class customer service software. This will not only help streamline processes but also enhance customer satisfaction.

Improved in-app updates


You will now be able to see our release notes in your CallHippo Web App as in-app updates. We have created a ChangeLog, wherein you can view the notification in detail. Moreover, Change Log also enables you to view different tutorials so that you can grab the information about the latest releases, integrations, and features.

Access our Changelog here

What’s More?

We always work towards making things better for you. So, feel free to share what you would like to see in the next update!

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