CallHippo has an innate drive for bringing new technological advancements to its platform and empowering customers to achieve success. 

So, we are back again! This time with a mid-month update to make your experience exciting, smoother, and better than ever before! 

The all-new voice broadcast feature, call tagging, and email reporting are a few of the updates you cannot afford to miss

Without much further ado, let’s dive in and have a look at the latest developments.

Call Tagging 

With our all-new call tagging feature, you can add relevant tags to your calls. This means you can add tags, like deal, sales, marketing, to your calls and easily segregate them. Moreover, you can also tag your colleagues and other teams. 

Add Tag

So, how will this help you in the long run?

Well, these tags will provide you immense clarity when doing follow up calls. For example, you can add the tag “deal” to a call. 

So, an agent who calls back that particular customer will communicate accordingly. Not only will this help you close more deals, but it will also streamline your work processes.

Email Reporting 

Reports are a crucial part of the workspace, and they help us analyze our strengths and address our shortcomings. CallHippo provides you with four different reports. These include activity call feed, embedded reports, availability report.

Email report

Earlier, you needed to log on to CallHippo and then download the report. But, now, all you have to do is set the frequency of getting reports, and you will receive them in your inbox! You can get weekly, monthly, and even daily reports.

Voice Broadcast 

Voice broadcasts are the key to make your campaigns successful. With voice broadcasting, you can send automated voice messages to customers. 

CallHippo’s new voice broadcast feature will help you communicate effectively with your clients and make your campaigns successful. Moreover, it will also help you save time and effort. 

Now, where can you access this tool? 

The voice broadcast feature is available right next to the power dialer tab.

Mac Desktop Application 

CallHippo is proud to launch the Mac Desktop application for its customers. However, the beta version has been launched, and the full-fledged version will be out soon. 

Green House, NationBuilder, Nimble, and Salesflare Integration

As you all know, CallHippo offers 85+ integrations; the latest to be added to the list include Greenhouse, NationBuilder, Salesflare, and Nimble. Let us try and understand how these integrations will be useful.

1. Greenhouse:

Greenhouse helps you streamline every aspect of hiring and builds a foundation for constant improvement. With CallHippo, you can reap both software’s benefits and get access to better leads and hires.

2. NationBuilder:

NationBuilder is a customizable political advocacy software. It offers state/federal legislation tracking, social campaigns, and messaging capabilities to legislators. CallHippo will allow legislators to run specific campaigns using the power dialer and even tap the benefits of voice broadcasting.

3. Nimble:

Nimble helps you populate customer profiles and interaction histories from contact lists, email conversations, and social media activity. With CallHippo now being integrated with Nimble, you can take customer satisfaction to the next level by keeping a close track. 

4. Salesflare:

Salesflare is a new-age CRM designed for small and medium-sized B2B businesses who want to sell the smart way. With CallHippo, Salesflare customers can now run campaigns, train agents, and stay connected with their customers. 

Live Calls in Web Dialer

Earlier, if you needed to check the number of live calls, you could only check it through the web app. However, now you can check all the live calls in the web dialer itself. Moreover, you can also choose to barge, join, and merge calls. This will help you train your agents and better serve customers. 

live call

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades and support our ongoing efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!

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