Team Awesome@CallHippo believes in staying abreast with the times and this month too we have come up with some really cool and innovative updates to the existing VoIP services. Ranging from a world-class desktop application that comes with an unmatched UI and UX to integrations with popular platforms namely e-commerce giant Shopify, Microsoft Dynamic, Intercom, and Zapier. 

Would you like us to walk you through the latest developments in your favorite VoIP Unified Communications application? Read on! 


1. Add Holiday Option:

As a team that believes in working hard and partying harder, we realize the importance of striking the perfect work-life balance. In the existing model, there were 3 options that one could avail regarding incoming calls namely, 24*7 availability, Always Off (unavailable to receive calls), or Custom Schedule availability (for a designated time period).

 In the new update, the admin can assign custom holidays to the team. For instance, if the 31st of December is a holiday for the team members based in the USA, however a usual working day for the team members based in India, that can be done as well! 

The benefits of assigning a holiday? Well, you get no calls, no notifications, so that you can chill in peace and maybe pop a beer or two as you cherish the sunset! Pretty cool, right?




2. Monitor Call Abandonment Rates:

The latest update comes with the option of generating a daily call abandonment report that keeps track of the percentage of calls abandoned.

For instance, if there are 100 calls to be answered per day, and 20 of them aren’t attended to so the call abandonment rate for that day would be a cool 20%.


3. Availability Reports:

Monitoring agent productivity and availability is imperative for ensuring growth, and we at CallHippo realize the indispensability of the same. 

With the new update, one can track the login hours of each agent. One can now see the availability of agents as well as track working hours. 


4. Schedule a demonstration:

If you face any roadblocks or issues that need redressal, you can now schedule yourself a free demonstration of the facilities offered by CallHippo by booking an appointment with our support executives directly from the web application. 

We would be more than happy to help out new users or prospective clients with any assistance that they might need.


5. Pay Existing Dues with a single click:

We are aware of the fact that sometimes dues accrue even with the existing auto pay facilities owing to reasons such as bank server errors or the likes of it. 

In that case, you can now sort out all existing dues with just a click on the Pay Now button available in the web application. 


6. Set Call Reminders straight from the Call Log:

Scheduling call reminders within your web dialer,  just got easier with the cool new dedicated Bell Icon incorporated right in the call logs detail screen. 

So the next time you need to schedule a call with a client or agent, all you need to do is select that number from the call log and click on the bell icon. Voila! You are now good to go. Stay updated, stay sorted (pretty much our work chant at CallHippo!).

call reminder

7. Blacklist numbers directly from call log:

Spammers getting on your nerves? Well not anymore! 

In the existing system, you could blacklist numbers by selecting them from the web application. However, with the new update, the process if blacklisting numbers got a whole lot easier with the option of delimiting incoming calls from a particular number straight from the call log. Bid adieu to unwanted worries and hassles, just with a couple of clicks!


8. More options, more power!

The new update comes packs a punch with a whole bunch of powerful additions to the kitty such as a makeover in module rights which now extends to 3 more modules namely: Power Dialer, Live Calls, & Export Contacts. This translates into more power for the agents as the admin can now grant them access to the aforementioned modules as well!


9. Integrations with popular platforms:

Need more reasons to switch to CallHippo for all your VoIP needs? Well, this one might just egg you on to seal the deal without any further delay. 

The new update comes with the option of integration with the much in vogue and super popular software such as Shopify, Microsoft Dynamic, Intercom, and Zapier. 


What’s more on the anvil?

Innovation, integration, and seamless UI, UX, are basically the three tenets of the work ethic we stand by at CallHippo. So rest assured, with each update we roll out awesome features that truly make CallHippo your preferred and reliable VoIP service provider. 

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