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  • Get virtual local phone numbers
  • Forward calls to your smartphone
  • Call Recording, voicemail & custom Music
  • Make calls from browser
  • Call Analytics to make data driven strategies

Call Queuing is a revolutionary artistry developed by the virtual phone systems. Call Queuing is more of a ‘Virtual-Waiting- Room’ for inbound callers when an agent is unavailable to attend it. A sophisticated Call Queuing system can make the difference between a lost client and a secured-deal.

  • No more engaged tone or missed-calls. Engage customers when line’s busy or unanswered and smartly connect to an agent when line’s clear seamlessly 24x7.
  • Handle huge volumes of inbound calls with a small team of agents efficiently while keeping the clients allured with professionalism.
  • Customize greetings, messages, and hold-on music based on predefined conditions (or) via CRM Software integration to smartly engage every client as per their profile database.
  • Feed client-priority database to make sure super-important clients gets the line first.
  • Keep clients updated with important status-messages and marketing campaigns with outbound Call Queuing. Automate it with CRM software integration!
  • Optimize Queuing via intelligent queue tagging to increase productivity.
  • Keep a watch on everything. Real-time monitoring and periodic system reports can help tweak your productivity to next level.

Setup your phone system in less than 3 minutes

No credit card required.