A call center is known to serve a humongous number of calls in a single day. It is practically impossible for an individual or a team to do so. And thus, we need artificial intelligence that can assist the agents in day to day customer communication. 

A call center software comes to rescue here. It streamlines the process and establishes a well-coordinated communication channel. It also enables the center to manage the overflowing calls systematically. 

With the growing number of options available to serve the customers, phone calls still top the charts. This makes it even more crucial for brands to have an elaborate system that helps to track incoming and outgoing calls and offers to be a one-stop-shop for all the necessary data. 

Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report suggests that- 

– Customers use phone calls more often than email, in-person, live chat, mobile app, self-service, search engine, social media, online community, text message, or chatbot. – 74% of customers said they prefer customer service by phone; email being the next most popular channel at 62%. 

– 34% said “Automated Telephone System (IVR)/inability to reach a live person for customer support” is the most inconvenient part of customer service. 


If you’re a brand that truly believes in ‘customer retention through service and engagement’ then the answer is yes. 

Whether you’re an already established business or have just plunged into the field, you need to be there to serve your clients when they need you. Not only this, but you can also use it to make outbound calls and pitch your products and services to prospective customers. 



  • There are no geographical barriers. You can now hire agents from all over the world and at the same time serve customers in different time zones. 
  • Offers real-time customer support that builds brand loyalty. Satisfied customers = loyal customers
  • Brings the entire range of customer data in one place, which in turn helps in customized support. 
  • Records the calls that is used for reference and improvement purposes. 
  • Monitors the calls that is used to identify what works and what doesn’t. It is also used for training new employees. 
  • Basic call control that helps to hold or transfer calls with a click of a mouse. 
  • It offers metrics that include call volume, service level, handle time, abandonment time, wait time, etc. 


All this information will be of no use if we do not have in-depth knowledge about how the call center software works. 

The number of people working from independent locations is at an all-time high; so now is the time to leverage virtual call centers. Instead of working from the business’ office, agents now work from remote locations. The virtual call center software binds the agents present at different locations and works towards making the customer service performance smooth. 

In call centers where employees are confined to a space, the organization has to bear real-estate costs, overheads, and turnover rates. The process is expensive and consumes time, and growing businesses cannot afford it. 

That is the reason why businesses are going virtual. 

In such a situation, the only things that a VCC agent need are- 

– Virtual call center software

 – An Internet connection 

These kinds of call centers have become increasingly prevalent with VoIP technology. This VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL technology uses a data network to place a phone call. That means inbound calls come in over the internet, not phone lines. 

In cases like these, the calls do not necessarily reach a physical department but a virtual call center. The employees answering the calls are generally freelancers working with the business. 

It is highly beneficial for businesses where customers frequently call to check the status of their request. A system for tracking these calls is mandatory here. With that system, the remote agents can access the calls via the internet. 

The VCC workers then cater to the customers’ query, thereby saving time and cost for your business. Not only that, but they also serve as a way to engage with customers and provide support without interrupting the day-to-day operations of the business. 

These services are also often available 24*7*365, meaning your customers will never remain unattended

A detailed step by step working of a Virtual call center software looks like this-

  1. In the case of incoming calls, the system browses through the available database to identify the customer.
  2. The customer is added as a new caller for future reference if his information is not present in the database.
  3. Whereas, if it’s an existing customer’s call, the records are accessed by the agent to get the details of the customer and the issue history before handling the call.
  4. According to the customer’s reply to the automated response, the call is queued depending on the mapping of the database.
  5. Agents who are mapped to the queue in context get access to pick the call when the call is pushed further.
  6. After taking the call, the agent assists the customer by giving the needed instructions over the call itself or through email. The agent can also get supervisors or senior agents on the call if needed.
  7. If the agent cannot address the issue immediately, the system allows the entire interaction to be recorded so that he can keep track of the request status and do regular follow-ups. 
  8. Depending on the customers’ final response, the agent marks the status as open, closed, resolved, or requires follow-up.
  9. In case, the ticket is marked as closed, the agent requests a feedback from the customer through an automated survey call or email.
  10. This feedback is used by the company in the future for improvement or reference purposes.


Whether you’ve just started or you’re an experienced player; any chance of growth should definitely be leveraged. Virtual call center software is known to change the face of businesses by managing and enhancing customer relationships like never before. Your customers will thank you for it, and you can thank us later. 

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