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About 10XBiZ

10XBiZ laid its foundation in 2016 intending to help its clients by optimizing the business processes with the help of CRM. Being an authorized partner for SalesForce, HubSpot, and Zoho, the business helps its clients with the process of integrating CRM with their platforms.

10XBiZ aims to offer well-tailored, unique, industry-specific CRM in-built email templates to enhance deal closure, sales nurture, and sales management.

Over a period of time, 10XBiZ has extended its services to 120+ clients.

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10XBiZ overcame challenges with CallHippo’s premium VoIP business solutions

10XBiZ realized the need for incorporating a VoIP based telephony provider that could counter the effects of the current pandemic on the company revenues. The company was in dire need of a solution to integrate the software with their preferred CRM platform to tackle bad call quality and related issues. The company also was in search of a solution that could provide them with an option to record calls for future purposes. CallHippo filled the gaps with its intuitive, feature-packed VoIP software that offered the resolution for not only the above issues but also came with a full-fledged 24*7 support system.

CallHippo Case Study with 10XBiZ


Let’s take a look at the challenges being faced by the company and find out how switching over to CallHippo made all the difference!

Industry-specific challenges: The current pandemic has hit the roots of the economy, the brunt of which was faced by the company as well. 10XBiZ was looking forward to sealing the deal with industries related to real estate and hospital management. However, the lack of client leads resulted in lower sales.

VoIP software-based challenges: The company was facing the following problems with its previous software

  • Unsatisfactory Call Quality
  • Lack of integration with Zoho
  • Unavailability of Call Recording facility

Remitr needed a solution that offered a smooth and efficient CRM integration facility, including with HubSpot. They also needed toll-free numbers to continue offering their customers quality support.


After making the switch to CallHippo, the company experienced

  • Enhanced Call Quality
  • Improved Call Connectivity
  • Easy integration with Zoho, SalesForce, and e-CRMs
  • Cost-effective business solution
  • Impressive mobile application with an easy to use dashboard
  • Immediate issue redressal with round-the-clock support

The firm’s significant needs were to train sales agents effectively and ensure high customer satisfaction. CallHippo’s Call Recording and Call Analytics features facilitated seamless sales team monitoring as well as agent training activities.

They were taken in by the following features in particular:

  • 24*7 support: With an intuitive dashboard, things were quite self-explanatory. They made only a couple of calls to CallHippo’s support team, and their concerns were resolved on the spot.
  • Intuitive layout: The well-engineered, user-friendly interface required minimum training and ensured desired results.
  • CRM integration: The option to have all the calling features integrated with their preferred CRM ensured smoother workflow and higher productivity.
  • Call Reminder feature: This feature ensured that calls were placed at the right time and that no calls were missed.
  • Click to Call feature: Ensured seamless calling with minimum hassles.

The 10XBiZ team found all the features handy and well placed. They were particularly impressed with the availability of on the spot support.

CEO Speak

“As a firm, we believe in the magic of small things creating bigger value. CallHippo’s values were similar to ours. The intuitive dashboard, coupled with practical & efficient features, ironed out any difficulties that we were facing earlier. Support was a message or a call away, and any issues that we faced found immediate resolution. Highly recommended business VoIP solution!”

Summary :

If you are on the lookout for the perfect business VoIP solution that delivers what it promises, CallHippo is the place to be! Sign up today to feel the difference for yourself. Want to know more about us? Send us a mail at support@callhippo.com

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