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Aeron7 is a creative agency continually working to help its clients grow their conversion rate and quality. The company provides full-fledged digital marketing solutions — from inbound marketing to lead generation and content creation. It builds a dynamic, integrated web system for its clients, empowering them to carry out their marketing activities effectively. Aeron7 believes in the idea of simplicity, clarity, and honesty.

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How Aeron7 Leveraged CallHippo To Manage Remote Workforce?

Although the agency is located in Delhi, the majority of its team members work from home. The idea of having to avoid commute time and a flexible working environment has its own perks. However, it came with technical challenges — a missing unified communication channel.

Since every employee had their separate phones, the agency was having difficulty keeping track of all calls. Aeron7 had no control over the flow of communication, and so the agency was facing delays in completing projects on time.

Aeron7 needed a centralized platform that could help manage and keep track of every call. With the installation of CallHippo’s virtual calling solution, Aeron7 was able to solve all their problems.


Having clients and employees spread across the country, Aeron7 was facing problems related to managing a large number of calls. Not only that, but the agency was equally having a hard time in maintaining proper records of all files shared between their clients and staff members.

Here is the set of challenges Aeron7 was facing —

  • Aeron7 needed a unified communication platform that could solve its remote connectivity issues
  • Call management issue was consuming most of their team, affecting its employees’ productivity level
  • The customers were not satisfied as the team was unable to complete their project requirements on time


Aeron7 needed an affordable cloud platform that could streamline all calls and keep a tab on it. CallHippo’s automated calling solution and easy CRM integrations helped Aeron7 manage all calls and documents in a much organized manner. It enabled smooth conduct of operations, thereby resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Let us look at how the company benefited after installing CallHippo.

  • CallHippo’s virtual call solution enables them to manage all their calls effectively
  • CallHippo sends out reminders for unfinished tasks, keeping every team members in the loop
  • With its integration with the company’s CRM solution, Aeron7 no longer faces document management issues
  • Project managers can quickly access related documents while on a call with their clients
  • The entire team found the system highly functional, keeping their productivity in check

CallHippo’s cloud-based phone system gives Aeron7 the complete control of all communications with clients across its remote workforce.


We are honored that CallHippo successfully implemented a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution at Aeron7. If you are also facing similar issues, and want to maximize your revenue, reach out to CallHippo. We provide a cloud-based phone system for both small and large enterprises. You can contact us at support@callhippo.com

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