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About Animal Nutritionals

A family-owned business, Animal Nutritionals provides premium vitamins and supplements to pet owners to increase the longevity of their loyal companions. The company has a wide range of products and prides itself in using organic ingredients to promote pet well-being.

Animal Nutritionals has partnered with UK’s leading formulation and manufacturing organizations to ensure their products are well-tested and safe for animal use. The organization is committed to meeting customer needs by collaborating with pet owners and expert veterinarians to produce the best supplements to promote a happy and healthy life for pets.

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How Animal Nutritionals Harnessed CallHippo Services To Provide Better Customer Service

Driven by excellence and a passion for the well-being of all cats and dogs, Animal Nutritionals is a relatively new organization. It commenced business operations a year back and is currently aiming at expanding its presence by targeting a loyal audience base.

Since Animal Nutritionals serves pet owners, it is evident that they need to constantly remain in touch with customers and respond to their queries immediately.

CallHippo Case Study with Animal Nutritionals

Hence, the company needed to partner with a credible business phone service provider to streamline communication with clients and provide them with speedy service. CallHippo provided the perfect call management solutions for Animal Nutritionals and customized business phone systems to meet their unique requirements.

Problems Faced By Animal Nutritionals Before Deploying CallHippo Solutions

Animal Nutritionals is a relatively new organization; hence it is trying to build a regional customer base. The company was experiencing many communication issues during customer interaction, including increased downtime, line disturbances, and poor voice quality. This prevented their support representatives from providing a superior service experience and led to customer dissatisfaction.

How CallHippo Improved Productivity At Animal Nutritionals?

CallHippo analyzed the major problems faced by Animal Nutritionals to provide them with a business phone system that met their requirements. Since the company focused on enhancing its client base, it needed a reliable calling solution that provided apex quality service at affordable prices.

By implementing CallHippo solutions, Animal Nutritionals accrued many benefits such as:

  • The sales team was able to manage a higher volume of incoming calls and respond faster to customer queries.
  • With CallHippo’s integrations into various vital third-party applications, Animal Nutritionals was able to achieve better operational efficiency and streamline functional tasks.
  • Animal Nutritionals witnessed an increase in the accessibility levels of sales and marketing staff members.
  • CallHippo solutions led to a significant increase in call quality and reduced the number of dropped calls and line disturbances.

What Feature Of CallHippo Did Animal Nutritionals Like The Most?

Animal Nutritionals benefited highly from the auto-switch feature that enabled their agents to automate the dialing process and save time. The company also extensively used the voicemail functionality to save voice messages in the mail inbox to re-connect with leads and increase sales conversions.


Animal Nutritions was able to increase revenues and boost connectivity with CallHippo’s sustained efforts. If you are on the lookout for an all-inclusive VoIP phone solution, CallHippo is a perfect choice. Do reach out at support@callhippo.com

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