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About Appknox

AppKnox was established with the idea to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem; using a system plus human approach to outsmart hackers. The fact that Security has suffered often, and very publicly, insecure apps have leaked payment, banking, and other sensitive user data much to the embarrassment of major brands led Appknox to build a complete mobile security solution.

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How Appknox Used CallHippo To Increase Its Revenue By 18.3%

Obstacles for Appknox on its journey to success

With a aim to build a safe and secure mobile system for everyone around the globe; They were facing communication problems in regards with Providing customer service as well as business development.

With the company’s customer base expanding across the globe it became difficult to reach their potential customers. Not only they began to lose existing customers, as it got difficult for Appknox team to reach them across the globe due to various time zone, but also they could not entrust potential customers due to trust issues regarding the medium of communication.

CallHippo To The Rescue

CallHippo first looked into the company and analysed the problems as well as business nature; further suggested them to go with services which could not only enable them to make calls world wide but also communicate more effectively.

Appknox required a overall communication solution that not only provided them with calls, but also helped them manage data and interact to their customers and potential customers effectively. CallHippo was the company that could empower them by providing the variety of services at most affordable rated possible.

CallHippo Helps Appknox Go That Extra Mile.

The benefits the company started reaping after using CallHippo communication services were outstanding. They were taking multiple calls simultaneously, cutting down long waiting hours, Calls were automatically distributed amongst the agents, They could track the time in the country they were calling.

With the CallHippo CRM integration, Customer service was extremely effective, in turn customers were satisfied. Providing Numbers according to the country, turned out to be a huge success; Customers were communicating like never before. Missing of calls were not a major issue now the phone system was smart enough to send them reminders and notifications of the unfinished task. If no one picks up, the IVR system can let them know what are the business hours and when they can call Appknox back. With CallHippo’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature, Appknox could also swap the number mentioned on the website in regards with location of the customers visiting the website

With CallHippo’s efforts the company’s revenue increased to 18.3% in a very short span. Appknox currently operates in 11 countries and has 4000+ clients. We are extremely privileged to help the organization find a right business solution that has helped it go that extra mile.

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