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Brioso Technologies is an IT organization that specializes in web development, app development, mobile applications, and digital marketing. The organization believes in innovation and is a pioneer in web development designing. Their in-house experts know how to balance creativity and experience and ensure that the developed design is so unique that it attracts repeat visitors. Along with web development and designing, Brioso Technologies also builds innovative custom mobile app solutions that are customized to meet varied business needs.

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The sales team at Brioso Technologies was looking for a solution to help them connect better with their customers and potential audiences in the US region. As their major client base is concentrated in the North American continent, the team was in dire need of a business phone system that could help them serve their customers and strengthen their presence.

Case Study - CallHippo


With the help of CallHippo, Brioso Technologies was able to bridge the gap between its business and its clients. CallHippo’s solutions enabled their sales team to connect with their audience in the US. The easy-to-use business phone system helped Brioso Technologies in easing the process of making and receiving calls.

This proved to be significant in enhancing the quality of service, revenue stream, and customer experience. With the provision of having a virtual number, the sales team was able to reach out to US customers easily, and it gave them the advantage of capturing the market and serving locally. As a result, the customers are answering the phone more promptly because a local number gets displayed when the call is connected. Generally, people are hesitant to answer calls from international numbers; however, when they see that the incoming call is local, the probability of it getting answered increases manifolds. This can prove out really beneficial for businesses as the response rates are improved and they are able to reach a wider set of audiences in the international market.


  • With the help of CallHippo, Brioso Technologies witnessed an increase in revenue by 20%.
  • The sales team was easily able to connect with its US customers because of CallHippo.
  • It helped them in better & faster delivery of their projects.
  • By using the offerings of CallHippo, the sales team was able to acquire local customers in the United States.

Brioso Technologies believes that CallHippo helped them significantly in serving their customers in the US and strengthening their customer base by adding more clients. Also, the virtual phone number worked wonders in connecting with the audience as people were more receptive to local numbers.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: January 7, 2022