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Every organization aims to grow its revenues and close more deals. However, finding the right partner to help in this journey is critical. Code Creators found their alliance in CallHippo, and this case study highlights how the latter empowered the former in closing more deals.

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How CallHippo Helped Code Creators In Closing More Deals?

Code Creators Inc. is a boutique software company and a digital transformation consultancy known for sharing its passion and expertise to design innovative solutions that empower businesses. It is a Canada-based provider of software development and IT consulting services. For 10+ years, their custom software solutions have been praised and acknowledged by hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Case Study - CallHippo

They have a 100% successful track record of providing high-quality enterprise-level solutions for Fortune 500 companies in 45+ industries. With a dedicated team of 50+ highly skilled, first-rate programmers, designers, and quality testers, Code Creators Inc. has become a learning organization that believes in continuous improvement and this is why they never let any new technology slips away from their approach.


As an organization involved in designing innovative solutions that empower businesses, Code Creators was looking for ways to extend its IT consulting services. The company is quite adept in technical know-how and has a strong backing of skilled professionals, but there were hiccups from the angle of reaching out to a wider set of audiences.

One of the core beliefs of Code Creators, Inc. is to continuously improve themselves and incorporate new technologies. The gap in connecting to a bigger audience and their belief in accepting newer innovations pushed them to knock the doors of CallHippo.


As an able VoIP service provider, CallHippo was able to quickly understand the challenges faced by Code Creators. As a result, the CallHippo team was able to provide the apt solutions that helped the organization in bridging these gaps.

CallHippo identified the business purpose and offered a solution that enabled Code Creators in closing more business deals. They found it so useful that they opted to integrate CallHippo with HubSpot to gain the maximum output. This benefitted the sales team at Code Creators immensely. It empowered them to gain more output while saving their team’s time.

Upon regularly using CallHippo, Code Creators found the complete product easy-to-use and user-friendly.

Results :

With the continuous use of CallHippo, Code Creators observed the following results:

  • Saved Time
  • By using CallHippo on a regular basis, the sales team at Code Creators was able to significantly lower its time spent on reaching out to potential customers. As a result, the team members were able to save their crucial work hours.

  • Improved Productivity
  • As CallHippo has an easy-to-use interface, Code Creators’ team was smoothly able to navigate their way through it, and as a result, the management noticed a surge in the output of team members.

  • Easily Connecting with Customers
  • Code Creators believe that CallHippo simplified their process. Now, their calling works effortlessly and they are able to easily connect with their customer base.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: December 8, 2021