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With the name derived from a combination of Cynosure + Technology + Knowledge, Cynoteck believes in delivering value to customers through IT applications. The company had a humble beginning in the year 2008 but has now grown leaps and bounds. It is headquartered in Minnesota, United States, and is a market leader for providing exceptional outsourced solutions and product development services.

Cynoteck has an experienced team of project managers that aim to exceed clients’ service expectations and ensure the success of vital off-shoring projects.

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How Cynoteck Improved Customer Satisfaction By Implementing CallHippo Services?

A dynamic service provider, Cynoteck excels in CRM consultation and implementation, application development, web development, and offshore development. With a scattered global client base, the organization has adopted a customer-centric approach that relies heavily on two-way communication and engagement with clients. Cynoteck thrives on innovation and believes in providing a superior customer experience to retain loyal customers and gain a credible market reputation.

Case Study - CallHippo

Challenges Faced By Cynoteck Before Deploying CallHippo

Cynoteck was experiencing many communication problems and needed country-specific business phone numbers to enhance customer interaction. While the internal team was well qualified to provide customer support and resolve issues, they faced major connectivity issues.

The sales and the marketing team of Cynoteck faced audio voice lag, dropped calls, line disturbances, and technical glitches that were hampering the overall customer experience. They required an integrated business communication system, and this is when they discovered CallHippo and decided to try out its vast range of services.

How CallHippo Helped Cynoteck Streamline Communication Processes?

CallHippo’s automated virtual telephony system and advanced third-party integrations proved highly beneficial for Cynoteck’s business operations. The company did not have to invest in any physical hardware or infrastructure yet could implement VoIP phone solutions.

The CallHippo team provided complete support and training to ensure that Cynoteck employees had no problem adopting the new system. Cynoteck’s sales and marketing teams adopted the user-friendly interface, intuitive dashboard, and advanced analytics.

CallHippo’s business phone services helped the offshore sales teams in the United States and Ireland. The mobile application increased team accessibility and enabled all organizational stakeholders to remain connected, even while on the move. The automated SMS functionality aided seamless communication with customers, and the call history option allows managers to capture data for better decision making.

What Feature Of CallHippo Did Cynoteck Like The Most?

Though CallHippo business phone systems have a range of innovative features, the voicemail was most beneficial for Cynoteck. The sales and marketing teams could easily divert calls to any other mobile or landline number to not lose out on potential customers.

Call recording was another beneficial feature for Cynoteck as managers could access customer call recordings at any time. They could analyze agent performance, provide real-time feedback, and improve the overall performance.


CallHippo empowered the Cynoteck team to improve operational efficiency and streamline all internal and external communication processes. The organization leveraged CallHippo’s unique features to gain a robust competitive advantage and increase all vital bottom-line performance parameters.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: October 19, 2021