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About Dhruvsoft

A flourishing CRM Consulting, Implementation & Application Development Company since 2009, Dhruvsoft has been a name to reckon with, in the field of providing product development services to ISVs, offshore outsourcing services to small and midsize business (SMB) and large IT vendors.

Their service portfolio includes Salesforce.com CRM Implementation & Support, Force.com App Development, Salesforce Integration, Mobile Application Development, Consulting, Offshore Outsourcing, and Technical Staffing.

Empowered by a vision to ensure client satisfaction in every aspect of their dealings, they offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. They basically target two kinds of customers; Salesforce consultants, and Software services consulting companies based in the United States of America, as well as small to mid-sized IT, ITES firms having less than 100 employees. Their major long term goals are to rake in more revenue and to become as well as sustain their position as a dominant player in the relevant industry.

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Know why Dhruvsoft switched from Skype to CallHippo to achieve its goals and commitments

Dhruvsoft felt a need to integrate their CRM (HubSpot) with an easy-to-use Click to Call facility, a feature their erstwhile service provider, Skype lacked. This gap was fulfilled by CallHippo’s super accessible, flexible, and scalable Click to Call feature. This enabled them to easily send invites to users without generating any codes or drafting any mail to CallHippo! Marketing challenges faced by them found a suitable redressal with CallHippo’s intuitive features such as IVR mechanism and team management tools.

CallHippo Case Study with Dhruvsoft

How did CallHippo help Dhruvsoft to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges?

Increased Call Connectivity: With CallHippo’s Smart Switch feature, they were able to toggle between multiple telephony providers before placing a call. Making this simple switch helped them witness a 17% increase in call connectivity which is imperative for the success of any business.

CRM integration:They experienced seamless data synchronization, improved customer relations, increased support, and sales efficiency with CallHippo-HubSpot integration.

Hassle-free calling:With an intuitive UI and UX easy to scale Click to Call feature, they were able to place calls globally without sending out any special emails or generating codes.

Increased revenue: With an affordable pricing scheme and wholesome business-conducive features, CallHippo made it simpler for Dhruvsoft to focus on other aspects of their business which helped them rake in higher profits.

How did the team CallHippo help Dhruvsoft with the implementation of the VoIP system?

With a smooth and easy sign-up process, CallHippo helped Dhruvsoft set up its VoIP telephony system in a remarkably short time span. The downloadable mobile application made the implementation and on-the-go usage a lot easier.

Which features of CallHippo have appealed to the team of Dhruvsoft the most?

Amongst the entire array of features on offer, Dhruvsoft found the IVR feature and its ability to manage teams easily most impressive. With the Interactive Voice Response feature, they were able to direct customers to the right agent and ensure that they received apt answers to their queries. Managing and allocating users as well as making teams became a whole lot easier as well.

Bottom line :

On a conclusive note, one would concur that CallHippo has been indispensable in Dhruvsoft’s journey towards success with a seamless customer interaction experience and a superlative team management system.

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