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About Emirates Visa Services

Emirates Visa Services are professional visa consultants who provide online UAE (Dubai) visa services to people worldwide. The company also offers holiday packages for Dubai with visa support for different types of visas.

With their business spanning world-over, Emirates Visa Services has a vast customer base. To add convenience to its customers, the company provides online visa application and online payment facility.

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How CallHippo Revamped the Business Processes for Emirates Visa Services!

CallHippo’s virtual phone system brought new hope for Emirates Visa Service with numerous useful features, including convenient call routing, call recording facility, CRM integrations, reduced costs, and better customer support services.

Emirates Visa Services helps people from across the globe apply for Dubai visas and holiday packages online, conveniently from their homes. They were struggling with managing a large number of customer calls, routing issues, 24*7 online customer support management, timezone confusion for different locations, document management, and team collaboration.

CallHippo Case Study with Emirates Visa Services

CallHippo solved all these problems for Emirates Visa Services on a single platform with its virtual phone system. With better call management, document management, and team collaboration, the company managed to cut-down on calling costs and increase its revenues.

Challenges :

Emirates Visa Services has a business spanning across the globe. Customers apply for visas online, and the company reverts on email and phone. The company needs to maintain excellent communication with the customers throughout the process from application to getting the permits. Inbound and outbound call management posed a significant challenge for the employees due to increasing customer base and calls.

Due to these problems, they felt the need to have a complete virtual calling system when they came across CallHippo.

Here are the problems they were facing:

  • It was difficult to route the calls to the right support representative in the absence of a proper call routing facility.
  • They needed multiple agent apps to reduce manual work, calling time, and costs.
  • Call management also suffered because of team coordination issues, resulting in dissatisfied customers.
  • The difference in timezone between the company’s location and the customers’ locations created a great deal of confusion for the call agents.
  • They needed to manage a 24*7 customer service to meet the demands of global customers.
  • The company also needed CRM integrations to streamline multiple processes.

Solutions :

CallHippo first looked into the company and analyzed the problems as well as the nature of their business. We realized that Trips to India needed an overall communication solution that not only provided them with calls but also helped them manage data and interact with their customers and potential customers effectively.

Let’s see how the company benefited after switching to CallHippo:

  • They were able to manage multiple calls simultaneously, cutting down long waiting hours.
  • Calls got automatically distributed among the agents.
  • They could track the time for the country they were calling.
  • With the CallHippo CRM integration, customer service became prompt and effective, and customers were satisfied.
  • Providing country-specific numbers turned out to be a massive success as customers were communicating like never before.
  • Missing calls were not a significant issue now as the phone system was smart enough to send them reminders and notifications of the unfinished task.
  • If no one picks up, the IVR system can let them know what the business hours are and when they can call the company back.
  • With CallHippo’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature, Trips to India could also swap the number mentioned on the website based on the customers’ location.
  • With CallHippo’s efforts, the company’s revenue increased significantly in a short span.

CallHippo served as the flexible, user-friendly, and affordable Saas solution for all their communication issues.

Summary :

We feel privileged to help Trips to India find the solution that helped them go that extra mile. Do let us know if CallHippo can help you and improve your revenues too! Please reach us at support@callhippo.com

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