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Emirates Visa is a team of experts who provide online visa consultancy services for U.A.E. (Dubai) to people from the UK through the company’s website. The company assures a Dubai visa at affordable service charges. Applicants can conveniently apply online, and the Emirates Visa team will manage the rest!

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CallHippo Proves to be the Perfect Solution for Emirates Visa!

CallHippo’s affordable automated calling solution and easy CRM integrations helped Emirates Visa manage their customer calls and documents better. This not only saved time but also resulted in better customer support and increased revenues for them.

Emirates Visa enables its customers to fill up the visa requirement form for Dubai online and then guides them through the complete visa process. They need to communicate with their customers spread across the UK and solve their queries. Moreover, they share multiple documents with the customers and maintain proper records for these, to be able to refer the same during the customer service calls. They needed a common platform to manage all these in one place. The company came to learn about CallHippo. All the issues the company was facing got solved with CallHippo’s virtual calling system.


Aiming to help people from the UK get visas for Dubai, Emirates Visa was facing challenges related to the management of large numbers of calls, customer support services, and document management.

Here are the challenges Emirates Visa was facing:

  • With its customer base expanding across the UK, it was getting difficult to manage the significant number of customer calls.
  • Their team also faced challenges in call routing, assigning to the right representative.
  • Call management issues were consuming a significant amount of time for the company.
  • The customers were not satisfied with the response time of customer support services.
  • With high volumes of sensitive customer data needed for the visa application process, data security and management were also issues that needed attention.


CallHippo analyzed the company’s business needs and problems specific to their process. We realized that Emirates Visa needed an all-in-one solution to streamline its complete process. The solution must include a calling system, a data management system, and CRM integrations.

Here is how the company benefited from switching to CallHippo:

  • CallHippo’s automated call management enables them to manage a large number of calls simultaneously.
  • The smart call routing facility of CallHippo helps forward the calls to the right agent.
  • With the virtual phone system sending reminders and notifications of the unfinished task, calls no longer get missed and customers are happy.
  • Document management is no longer a problem for Emirates Visa, as CallHippo allows multiple CRM integrations with ease. This also allows the agents to access the documents quickly during the call.
  • With CallHippo virtual calling system, the company overall saved calling time, and their revenue thus improved.


We at CallHippo feel delighted to know how Emirates Visa benefitted from our virtual calling system. If you are also facing similar challenges, we would be glad to help you! Share your concerns at support@callhippo.com.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: October 19, 2021