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Operating in the event technology space, Hubilo is a cloud-based event management platform. Having powered 500+ events so far, Hubilo is a one-stop solution for any type of event – may it be a conference, a seminar, a workshop, or an off-site event.

Hubilo’s end-to-end online solution eliminates the mundane task of doing things manually. It automates the entire process from registrations, ticketing, networking to promotions with detailed auto-generated analytics to boot. The entire online management suite required for a dynamic event can be set up within a few minutes.

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How Hubilo Softech Used Callhippo To Boost Its Revenue?

Challenges Faced By Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd.

As a leading event management platform, Hubilo faced several challenges when it came to tracking their sales associates’ performance and productivity. This affected their business growth.

Further, they had no tools to analyze the quality of sales pitch delivered by their international sales associates & SDRs. Hence, they faced great difficulty servicing international leads.

CallHippo Case Study with Hubilo Softech

How Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd. Made Callhippo Part Of Their Routine And Benefited From?

As soon as Hubilo Softech deployed CallHippo, they succeeded in achieving tremendous benefits. With CallHippo’s plethora of advanced calling features, Hubilo not only managed to get the sales-call data like no. of minutes of calls made, log-on time, and more but also was able to enhance the quality of sales pitch by accessing the call recordings.

Which Feature Of Callhippo Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd. Liked The Most?

Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd. liked CallHippo’s ability to never miss out on an incoming call. Moreover, all unanswered calls on CallHippo could be forwarded to the personal/corporate number of every sales associate; thus, leading to better response time and appropriate lead servicing.

These seemingly simple features are much more valuable to Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd. as they are talking about an average of $1000 in value per lead.

How Callhippo Assisted Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd. In Its Overall Success?

After using CallHippo’s communication services, the results stated that it bought an excellent improvement in analyzing the quality of sales pitch as well as enhancing sales associates’ performance for Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd.

They claimed to handle multiple calls seamlessly while cutting down costs and waiting hours with CallHippo’s cloud telephony services.


Hubilo saw both tangible as well as intangible results ranging from an increase in the number of sales calls made to a decrease in average time to connect and service a lead.

Consistent improvement in the quality of sales pitch among international sales associates was observed, thanks to access to their call recordings.

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