How InnkeyPMS used CallHippo to increase revenue by 18.3%

Mr. Viral Shah, the CEO of Innkey, says “It was manageable for us to connect with our different teams in different countries upto some level, but the growth of the company was rapid and it then became very difficult to do the same. We realised that we need an efficient yet affordable virtual phone system to solve this bottleneck. We reviewed few such VoIP service providers but they weren’t exactly meeting our requirements and expectations. This is when CallHippo came into the picture. Thanks to CallHippo, we don’t face this problem anymore. Now, we can connect to multiple teams located in various countries around the world without any hitch in the process”.

Communication is a vital factor in Innkey’s business and CallHippo wonderfully takes care of it!

How Innkey Benefited From CallHippo

The Team at CallHippo understood that Innkey was looking for a communication system through which they could make calls from local numbers of different countries. They wanted this feature so that they could serve their trans-national customers better. Innkey wanted to give out a local impression of their business to their customers who resided in different countries. One other particular feature that Innkey was looking for was Call Recording. They wanted this feature so that they could record the call conversations of their representatives and then analyze them to meet the quality standards. The Call Recording feature by CallHippo helped them accurately analyze the performance of their customer support executives as well. This helped the team at Innkey to get a precise data on who the good performers are and who needs to improve.

Another great feature by CallHippo - Call Queueing helped them keep customers’ calls on hold until a specific teammate became available. This reduced the loss of customers in scenarios where all the teammates are busy attending calls. It also helped them distribute the calls amongst the team members so that each member gets a fair chance to interact with the customer. After implementing CallHippo, the business workflow at Innkey became more efficient and more productive.

Callhippo has helped Innkey form better relationship with their prospects and customers by streamlining communication and making it more productive. As Mr. Viral Shah puts it, “CallHippo is without doubt currently the most technologically advanced, user-friendly and yet highly affordable virtual phone system for business organizations. My own experience backs the above-statement.”  The icing on the cake is that CallHippo even provides metrics and analytics such as call duration, call log, missed calls and much more. These metrics allowed the team at Innkey to never miss important calls or clients, but also helped them keep a check on their resources related to Customer Support.

CallHippo also helped them to figure out their development strategies to keep an edge on competitors. In this constant developing stage of Innkey, CallHippo has successfully provided a great companionship.


All in all, CallHippo with its various exclusive features successfully helped Innkey PMS get an edge over their competitors. Talking about how CallHippo helped improve Innkey’s business, Mr. Viral Shah happily concludes, “Implementing CallHippo in our business has been our smartest decision till date. I am really happy to say that CallHippo had a direct influence on our revenue which grew by about 18.3% after implementing it in our organization. CallHippo has become an integral part in all our communication with our prospects and customers. The results say it all and we definitely wish to continue our relation with CallHippo till eternity”