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A top-of-line Internet marketing firm, IT Pyramid has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States. Its main business objective is to provide smart web design and digital marketing solutions that can help clients increase their revenues.

IT Pyramid has a growing team of professionals in the field of logo design, SEO, and Pay Per Click marketing. It strives to get companies to the top of the digital marketing pyramid so that they can enhance their online presence and increase web traffic exponentially.

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How IT Pyramid Enhanced Client Communication and Productivity With CallHippo

A market leader in the domain of web and logo designing, IT Pyramid has a wide customer base globally. The company aims to help businesses drive organic traffic to their websites and provide result-driven web design solutions.

Having established its competence as a state-of-the-art internet marketing organization, IT Pyramid specializes in logo design and development, social media and video marketing, and Google search engine optimization. It has also recently diversified into content marketing and has recruited an experienced team for writing articles and corporate blogs.

Case Study - CallHippo

With the company’s global presence, the smooth flow of communication was a prime concern. CallHippo partnered with IT Pyramid to streamline business communication and enhance two-way communication with partners, clients, and stakeholders.


IT Pyramid had an experienced sales team that was facing solid problems in communicating with overseas clients. There were serious issues in call quality that would lead to ineffective communication. Call distortion was a big challenge as it would lead to added costs and waste time for team members.

Another major issue being faced by IT Pyramids was the lack of call analytics. It needed a system to monitor sales team members’ performance. They also needed country-specific phone numbers to improve customer service and interact better with regional clients.

A cost-effective calling solution with advanced features and premium call quality would surely help IT Pyramid overcome all these challenges. This is where IT Pyramid decided to collaborate with CallHippo and try their virtual calling platform for their inbound and outbound calling operations.


With its innovative features and advanced functionalities, CallHippo proved to be a robust and affordable solution for IT Pyramid. It provided the sales team at IT Pyramid with a user-friendly dashboard that would give them a bird’s eye view of all call metrics. A quick glance would provide sales representatives with just the information they needed to streamline workflows and manage overseas business calls efficiently.

Let’s look at how the company benefited after switching to CallHippo:

  • IT Pyramid witnessed a remarkable improvement in the call quality as there was no time lag, dropped calls, or line distortion
  • CallHippo was able to easily provide virtual numbers for different companies to increase IT Pyramid’s local presence in those regions
  • Sales team members could easily monitor various time-zones to ensure that they call global clients at a suitable time for better results
  • CallHippo ensured a smooth transition to the new system and provided adequate training to staff members to overcome usability issues


CallHippo has empowered the IT Pyramids team to improve revenues by providing a viable solution for their call quality issues. CallHippo’s novel features such as number availability, call recording, analytics, and planner have increased operational efficiency and facilitated seamless communication. It has helped them boost bottom-line results and establish trust with valued customers.

CallHippo offers the best intelligent cloud-based virtual phone systems for small businesses and enterprises. Is your organization looking to upgrade its telephony service? Please reach us at support@callhippo.com.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: October 19, 2021