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Jack-Phone aims to provide the highest service standards in the IT sector. A pioneer in mobile application development, the organization also specializes in web development and online marketing. The company creates attractive designs and tools to help global clients gain an instant competitive advantage. With a philosophy of providing personalized service, Jack-Phone ensures to maintain consistent communication with its customers and collaborate with them to provide an exceptional experience.

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How Jack-Phone Leveraged CallHippo Solutions To Increase Call Connectivity By 40%?

A highly customer-centric organization, Jack-Phone offers a diverse range of services and solutions in the IT sector. With a small yet experienced team, the company adopts a hands-on approach for each client project. Jack-Phone aims to maintain frequent and direct communication with customers to help them refine or build the perfect mobile application or website for their development needs.

Since Jack-Phone caters to a global and scattered customer base, it needed to partner with a reliable VoIP business solution to streamline the flow of communication. It would lead to higher bottom-line results and enable the company to retain loyal customers in the long run.

CallHippo Case Study with Jack-Phone

Challenges Faced By Jack-Phone Before Deploying CallHippo Solutions

Over the last few years, Jack-Phone was facing many problems in connecting with customers due to poor call quality and other pressing issues. This was affecting the business revenues negatively, lowering customer satisfaction and employee morale. Some of the major challenges being faced by Jack-Phone were:

  • Call distortion was a big problem as it led to unsatisfactory service, added costs, and wasted time and effort of team members.
  • Jack-Phone did not have any call analytics in its current communication system, hence it was unable to track key metrics to improve performance.
  • Many employees were missing customer calls, and this was leading to disengagement with loyal patrons.
  • Jack-Phone could implement proper sales training sessions due to no call recording facility and could not monitor agents’ performance effectively.

Solutions Provided By CallHippo To Streamline Communication

CallHippo analyzed the various problems being faced by Jack-Phone to provide them with customized business phone solutions. The Jack-Phone sales teams started using CallHippo VoIP services to communicate with international clients and witnessed a tremendous increase in performance.

The CallHippo mobile application empowered Jack-Phone to provide better customer service. Their customers could get in touch with service representatives at any time of the day to resolve queries.

Jack-Phone increased customer service by reducing the number of dropped calls, time lags and eliminating line disturbances. Advanced analytics gave managers the information they needed at a glance and improved bottom-line sales performance.

Which Feature Of CallHippo Did You Like The Most?

Since the sales team used CallHippo solutions the most, they found the call forwarding feature to be the most beneficial. Employees could divert customer calls to any other mobile or personal phone numbers to ensure they did not miss important calls. The mobile application and call recording feature also help in increasing accessibility and monitoring agent performance better.


CallHippo empowered the Jack-Phone team by providing them with an all-inclusive business phone system that increased global connectivity by 40%.

CallHippo offers world-class cloud-based virtual phone solutions specifically designed for small businesses and enterprises. If your organization is looking to upgrade its telephony service, please contact us at support@callhippo.com

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