In the competitive business sphere, a company that manages to generate the most leads and convert them into customers is the most successful. As a result, several organizations seek help from on-demand sales services to boost conversion rates and build sales teams. Konsyg is one such Sales as a Service provider in the United States. 

The firm believes in delivering only quality sales and has helped clients worldwide generate sustainable revenue. They ensure that their clients always stay a step ahead and focus on their core business. 

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A global provider of on-demand sales services, Konsyg helps organizations boost conversions and build sales teams. From uncovering honest metrics, establishing sustainable processes, training and developing sales representatives and increasing revenue and leads, Konsyg provides a host of services. Moreover, the company helps leaders focus on core business and maximize return on investments. 

Since its inception Konsyg  has taken multiple companies from Seed to Series A funding, and have helped clients generate millions of dollars in direct sales revenue.

Challenges faced by Konsyg before using CallHippo

With a client base spanning across several countries, Konsyg felt the need for improving its communication systems. The call management system Konsyg was previously using was expensive and failed to provide the desired connectivity. Thus, the company was losing out on revenue and was unable to fulfill its customer satisfaction parameters and services. Moreover, this led to a delay in processes. This is where Konsyg decided to join hands with CallHippo!

How CallHippo Helped Konsyg overcome its Challenges? 

Deploying CallHippo proved to be of great benefit for Konsyg. At first, it managed to cut costs with CallHippo’s affordable solutions. Moreover, with different countries under a single platform, Konsyg was able to focus solely on providing exceptional services. With CallHippo’s free numbers that came with plan benefits, Konsyg was able to onboard new customers and build trust with them. 

As a result, the company started spending the revenue saved on providing better facilities to employees and building its skillset. 

How is Konsyg Making the Most of CallHippo’s Business Phone System?

The Konsyg Sales team is leveraging CallHippo to make calls to their potential customers and help them understand sales effectively. Besides, following up with users and addressing connectivity issues has been easier with CallHippo’s analytics. The team says that observing each agent’s performance comes as an added advantage, and they can be addressed to resolve issues. Moreover, when their clients approach them via an SMS, email, or any other medium, they can promptly revert with a counter-text. Integrating CallHippo also helped Konsyg provide dedicated dashboard access for all the users. Hence, CallHippo empowered Konsyg to eliminate its connectivity issues, thus boosting their revenue by 18% in just 3 months.

Which feature of CallHippo did Konsyg like the most?

CallHippo has helped the Konsyg team to keep a close check on their agents’ performance. This feature of CallHippo has been critical to Konsyg’s increased productivity and efficient services. With functions like call recording, report facilities, and offering feedback in real-time, Konsyg is now all equipped to have a quick insight into its team’s performance at any given time.


With a marked improvement in the quality of services, Konsyg was glad to solve its communication problems and help their team increase productivity. 

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Last updated: September 24, 2020

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