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About Luit

A well-established business in modern electronic gadget repair, Luit is based in the Hornchurch area in East London. The company’s main objective is to provide a stellar customer experience and satisfy all service and support requirements. Luit is the first organization to start the Online Tech Center that enables customers to repair electronic devices right from the comfort of their homes.

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Business Problems Faced By Luit Before Deploying CallHippo

Since Luit is a service provider, the need for a seamless communication provider was of utmost priority. However, before deploying CallHippo, the company was facing lots of communication flitches that were impacting productivity. The support representatives were unable to make international calls, frequent call drops were an issue, and the call quality was terrible. Communication with internal and external stakeholders took a lot of time and effort; hence Luit decided to seek CallHippo’s expert service.

CallHippo Case Study with Luit

How CallHippo Facilitated Seamless Communication At Luit?

With CallHippo onboard, Luit was able to streamline all communication processes. CallHippo solutions were deployed to help the marketing and sales teams engage with clients. They were able to make and receive calls from local and international customers without any hassles. Luit witnessed an immediate increase in operational efficiency, team collaboration, and customer engagement that enhanced revenues by 20%.

Solutions Provided By CallHippo

With its innovative stack of features, CallHippo provided Luit with virtual business phone numbers to simplify calling requirements. Customers could also contact service representatives through toll-free numbers to address their complaints or problems quickly. Here is how Luit witnessed an increase in performance after deploying virtual phone numbers by CallHippo:

  • Customers enjoyed greater accessibility to service team members and were able to reach out to them anytime and anywhere.
  • Virtual phone numbers provided by CallHippo helped Luit increase its local presence in London city and surrounding areas.
  • CallHippo ensured apex voice quality, no time lags, and dropped calls, thus enabling Luit to provide a better customer experience to loyal patrons.
  • There were no transitional problems as the CallHippo team provided the required training sessions to overcome the new system’s usability issues.

Which Feature Of Callhippo Did Luit Like The Most?

The call forwarding feature was highly beneficial for Luit as it ensured that the marketing and sales representatives did not miss any phone calls. It empowered mobility as Luit’s team members could receive customer calls anywhere, even while on the move! This increased customer satisfaction as Luits valued clients felt that they valued their precious time and delivered excellent service.


CallHippo’s targeted solutions have transformed Luit’s work atmosphere by improving team collaboration and engagement. With a steady improvement in all internal and external organizational communication, Luit has increased all bottom-line profits and reported higher profits.

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