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OneAbove is an all-inclusive global destination management company that offers services on all verticals, from providing professional tour guides to vehicle-related services. With its headquarter in Mumbai, the company has its presence in over 30 countries. It aims to expand its operations in a total of 195 countries globally. The company is creating a niche for itself by delivering the best of everything and creating a smooth and pleasant holiday experience for its customers.

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How OneAbove Built Trust With Its Customers Overseas with CallHippo?

OneAbove runs a specialized global management destination company with its operations spread all over the world. The company’s inbound sales and customer support teams were already using a telephonic system to reach out to its clients. However, they didn’t find the system user-friendly. Besides, the call representatives complained of poor call quality.

With the company’s operations spread globally, connectivity was its primary concern. The company needed a solution that could help them effectively reach out to its clients overseas.

CallHippo Case Study with OneAbove

CallHippo’s VoIP solution allowed it to enable a smooth flow of communication with its global partners. The company found the system to be user-friendly as well as cost-effective.

Challenges :

OneAbove has clients overseas, but they were not able to build trust due to using International numbers. The locals saw them as an outsider, and they were losing customers. The company needed a solution that could provide them local numbers for different countries and continue building their business.

Here is the set of challenges OneAbove was facing:

  • OneAbove needed a more user-friendly solution than their previous one for effective use
  • The company was looking for a replacement that could help them improve their call quality
  • It required flexibility on phone numbers for its global operations
  • The company required a solution that allowed its sales team to connect with prospects on time despite the time zone difference

Solutions :

CallHippo had all the features and functionalities to cater to the company’s requirements around replacing its existing VoIP solution with an affordable and robust solution. CallHippo’s VoIP system offered the company a user-friendly dashboard where its employees could easily manage all calls and have a unified view of sales-related activities. They were able to effectively use their time to acquire more clients and keep the existing ones happy.

Let’s look at how the company benefited after switching to CallHippo.

  • OneAbove could easily switch from its existing telephony system to CallHippo’s VoIP solution without any disruption
  • The employees got adequate training to overcome any usability issues
  • CallHippo fulfilled the requirement on virtual numbers for different countries
  • The sales team could effectively track all different time zones, ensuring they attend to their clients at their respective suitable time

CallHippo was able to fulfill all their requirements right in their budget. The company was able to gain their client’s trust by using local numbers at no extra costs.

Summary :

We are honored that callHippo successfully installed a system for OneAbove that helped them solve all their connectivity issues. Whether you are looking for a VoIP system or re-evaluating your existing telephony system, CallHippo can help.

CallHippo offers an intelligent cloud-based virtual phone system for small businesses and enterprises. Please reach us at support@callhippo.com

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