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About Personal Alarm Watch

Located in the United Kingdom, Personal Alarm Watch is a discreet watch provider that gets you help anywhere in the UK. Built to help older people be more active and independent, the Personal Alarm Watch works anywhere and at any time. Whether in the garden, at home, or stepping down the hill, its help is always on hand.

With more than 30 years of experience in handling 17,000 calls a month, the Personal Alarm Watch’s monitoring team is trained to the highest possible standard in how to manage or tackle different emergency situations. They are one of the 15 TSA Platinum-accredited monitoring centers in the UK. Right from giving assistance whenever they receive a call via the watch to alerting the caller’s family members to sending emergency services, the Personal Alarm Watch team takes utmost care. It makes use of one of the 15 Platinum TSA accredited monitoring centers in the UK.

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Know How Personal Alarm Watch Launched Their New Service Quickly And Seamlessly Integrated With Callhippo’s Business Phone System

Personal alarm watch, the most effective safety net, ensures technology-enabled care can extend even far beyond the home. This innovation gives people the confidence to live their lives independently, i.e., it gives people a feeling that they are not alone and can summon help whenever needed.

The Personal Alarm Watch team understands how much people hated old beige boxes and red buttons that didn’t work away from home. With this in mind, they built a discreet watch that connects a call directly to their care team at the push of a button.

CallHippo Case Study with Personal alarm watch

Challenges Personal Alarm Watch Faced Before Deploying Callhippo

Whilst the Personal Alarm Watch monitoring team were on hand to take 24/7 calls from their people wearing their watches, the team were looking for a solution for customer sales enquiries in the office. They wanted a landline number that connected to their teams mobiles and also integrated with their CRM for seamless operation. They also wanted a web-based platform to dial out from. This is where they hit upon the idea of deploying CallHippo.

How Callhippo Helped Personal Alarm Watch Streamline Their Operations?

1. Increasing efficiency with third-party integrations

As CallHippo supports multiple third-party integrations, the foremost thing that the team at Personal Alarm Watch benefitted with is the Pipedrive integration. With this integration, their team saved time switching between applications to update notes or acquire information. Thus, it helped them increase the team’s productivity.

2. Staying up-to-date

CallHippo demonstrates the capability to synchronize contacts and activities between Pipedrive and CallHippo in real-time. Therefore, the team always has the latest information about the caller at hand whenever they need it. This helped them serve the customers better while saving a lot of their time surfing for data here and there. With this integration, they have all the information on a single platform.

Web browser calling

CallHippo works with all the browsers. Besides, one can set up the CallHippo call center in their browser in less than three minutes, and that too, without any need to external hardware or wiring extensions. This came as an added benefit for Personal Alarm Watch. They started placing or receiving calls right from their web browser; thus, saving time on manual dialing.

Which Feature Of Callhippo Did Personal Alarm Watch Like The Most?

CallHippo’s Web Dialer functionality is what the Personal Alarm Watch liked the most. Besides, the voicemail feature helped them reach their customer easily via a message or callback in case they missed their call, and managed to serve them better.

Bottom Line

By offering Personal Alarm Watch a secure and reliable way to personalize customer interactions, CallHippo has helped them accelerate their performance.

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