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This case study highlights how CallHippo steered the growth of Qt by enabling them to reach Australian audiences without setting up an office in the country. Qt witnessed a surge in its business, all while staying connected to its headquarters and without incurring huge costs.

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How CallHippo Helped Qt In Expanding Its Business To Australia?

Qt Group (Nasdaq Helsinki: QTCOM) is a global software company with a strong presence in more than 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is used by major global companies and developers worldwide, and the technology enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives.

Qt achieves this through its cross-platform software framework for the development of apps and devices, under both commercial and open-source licenses.

CallHippo Case Study with QT


Qt wanted to expand to Australia without needing to incur the cost, time, and money. The organization was aiming to set up an office in the country for business purposes. The main agenda here was to create a local presence for Qt and to create a connection with the Australian audience.


With the aforementioned challenges, Qt was looking for a reliable business phone system provider that could help them achieve their goals. When they found out about CallHippo, the team at Qt was pleased as the services offered by the brand perfectly suited their needs. Their sales team started using CallHippo, and this helped them significantly in bridging the gap between creating a local presence in Australia and staying connected to their headquarters.

Although the sales team uses most of the features offered by CallHippo, they found click-to-call, dashboard analytics, and Global connect to be the most helpful & effective for their business. With click-to-call, they were able to directly make calls from the dialer, which proved out to be helpful and saved a lot of time. By using the dashboard analytics, they were able to find the exact detail of team members’ performance and the number of calls they made. The Global Connect feature came in handy when they were making calls to international customers as it informed them about the suitable time to connect.

Results :

  • With the help of CallHippo, Qt was able to create a local presence in Australia without setting up an office in the country.
  • CallHippo helped them in staying connected with their headquarters.
  • Qt liked CallHippo so much that they integrated it with their CRM and this smooth integration helped them greatly in saving time.
  • CallHippo made Qt’s process easier as now they can connect with customers with just a click of a button.

The sales team at Qt is still using CallHippo and is pleased with the performance of the business phone system.

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