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About Schengen Visa Service

Schengen Visa Service is a team of experts who provide online consultancy services for visas to countries in the Schengen Area from the UK to include Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, Austria, and more. The company provides full process assistance to the visa applicants for these countries. It has a rapidly growing customer base as it offers visa support for a vast area.

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How CallHippo Helped Schengen Visa Service Boost Their Business!

CallHippo, as an experienced VoIP service provider, looked into the issues and challenges faced by Schengen Visa Service and assisted them with its outstanding cloud telephony services.

Schengen Visa Service enables the UK residents to apply for visas to any country in the Schengen Area by just filling up an online form on the company’s website. The company’s representatives call them back and assist them till they get their visas processed. Scaling of business posed numerous challenges in call management for Schengen Visa Service with a growing customer base.

CallHippo Case Study with 10XBiZ

Once Schengen Visa Service deployed CallHippo, the team observed immense improvements. The calling costs significantly reduced. Moreover, the scaling of operations no longer added to communication costs.

Challenges :

Schengen Visa Service found it challenging to streamline communication and team management while maintaining the quality of their customer support services with the scaling of their business operations. A comprehensive and professional virtual phone system and communication system was needed to manage the workforce and the calling process efficiently.

Due to these problems, they felt the need to have a complete virtual calling system when they came across CallHippo.

Here are the issues that Schengen Visa Service faced:

  • Poor call connectivity was a problem for the customers as well as the team.
  • There was no convenient way to have internal communication between the team members.
  • They had no provision of conference or group call facility for meetings.
  • Lack of automated call forwarding and call transfers made it challenging to connect the caller to the right agent.
  • Agents were facing difficulty accessing updated customer data during the call without a common platform to store and retrieve data.
  • All these issues consumed a significant amount of time and affected productivity.

Solutions :

Schengen Visa Service discussed with CallHippo team the challenges they were facing. We assured them that CallHippo has all the solutions they needed in just one platform. Switching to CallHippo virtual phone system solved all their problems.

Here is how CallHippo benefitted Schengen Visa Service.

  • Improved call connectivity resulted in happy customers and improved agent productivity.
  • Internal Calling and Team Collaboration features of CallHippo resulted in enhanced internal team communication and a convenient conference call facility for meetings.
  • CallHippo’s granular call routing facility helps forward the calls to the right agent.
  • Interactive Voice Response feature of CallHippo enables automated response to the customers when there is no agent to pick up the call.
  • Easy CRM integrations empower the team to manage, update, and retrieve the customer data through the same virtual calling platform.

CallHippo served as the flexible, user-friendly, and affordable Saas solution for all their communication issues.

Summary :

If you are also one of those visa service providers who wish to offer the best call support to their customers, CallHippo is the right choice for you! To know how we can help your business grow, Please reach us at support@callhippo.com

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