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About Schmicko

Schmicko, founded and based in Sydney, is into the mobile car care industry. They understand the struggle of people when it comes to balancing work, leisure, and family. Their clients range from car owners to business owners, geographically spread in and around Sydney, Australia. Schmicko helps its clients to sell their vehicle(s) for top value or search for a wash and vacuum. They provide a full spectrum of specialized car wash and car detailing services.

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How Schmicko Saved Time and Improved its Productivity by 23%

The customer support and sales team were working remotely. Schmicko needed user-friendly phone software that offered local phone numbers while covering advanced calling features. With CallHippo’s Virtual Business Phone System, their team saved ample time and streamlined their process with increased productivity.
CallHippo Case Study with Schmicko


Schmicko, a mobile car service provider, found itself limited by an on-premises phone system. Advanced features, such as call recording, were not readily available, and call quality was often poor. As the customer support and sales team were working remotely, Schmicko needed a user-friendly phone software that offered local phone numbers, while covering advanced calling features upon which the business relied.

Schmicko set out to find a solution that provides superior call quality, delivers a full package of advanced calling features, and acts as a one-stop-shop tool.


Callhippo is being used by the Schmicko team to facilitate remote working agents, particularly their sales and customer support team, as their designated VoIP Software to manage phone calls with customers. Our dashboard allows them to keep a track of phone calls between agents, forward calls to respective team members, and collect useful data such as call recording and advanced analytics for better operations.

Customized settings were provided to various agents with business operational hours, which gave them a flexible approach to manage phone calls. Overall, it ticked many boxes for the features that they were looking for in VoIP software.

“We are a big fan of the softphone and web dialer, meaning we could address calls in the office and on the road (via the app). The notification system reminds us of any missed calls or voicemail. It was super important as this allowed us to respond to customers within a short time frame.” David – General Manager at Schmiko


  • The virtual phone system has helped the team save 27% of their time.
  • Call tracking helped the support team to transfer calls to the nearby team members more efficiently.
  • Advanced analytics and call recording helped them streamline their process.
  • Consumption of less time helped them increase their productivity by 23%.

“We have been able to save so much time with streamlining our customer support calls with the help of integrations and call forwarding options. As they say, ‘Time is Money’ and Callhippo has enabled us to save time in many areas and devote that time to advance productivity elsewhere in the business.” David – General Manager at Schmiko

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I was using another cloud phone system which was pretty bad. Long delays, many calls disconnected—it was almost impossible. I switched to CallHippo and it was a massive improvement. Almost imperceptible delay, very clear audio quality—customers do not even realize I'm not in the country.

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Joshua Carmody, CEO Bracketdesign

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