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Techture is a consulting firm involved in projects related to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sectors all across the globe. The company offers collaborative solutions ranging from project management to construction and virtual designing by leveraging the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. Techture has a team of diverse and multi-disciplinary professionals, including architects, civil & structural engineers,, and software developers, who have rich experience in handling various types of construction projects.

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How Techture Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Global Connectivity?

Techture runs a specialized construction company with its operations spread all over the world, including Dubai, Singapore, India, and the UK. The company’s sole mission is to help the construction industry leverage BIM technology and stay at the forefront of design. Techture applies its advanced engineering skills to megastructure projects with an aim to enhance productivity by optimizing cost and time.

The company required a robust solution that allowed its sales team to effectively reach out to its clients. The company was looking to streamline its call activities. And since its operations are spread globally, the company’s main concern was global connectivity.

CallHippo’s VoIP solution helped them achieve global connectivity while also enabling smooth workflows for their sales and support teams. They were able to easily communicate with their global clients, allowing them to receive and make calls from anywhere.


Techture has employees working from different cities/countries on the same project. But due to the lack of an effective communication platform, the company was having difficulty connecting with all its employees.

Not only that, but the sales teams were facing challenges in connecting with potential clients on a global level. Using local phone lines at each of the projects/locations wasn’t a feasible option. Moreover, long-distance call costs for lengthy discussions were making holes in the company’s pocket.

Here is the set of challenges Techture was facing:

  • Techture needed a more cost-effective and affordable Saas solution that could solve its global connectivity issue
  • The company required a solution that would allow its sales team to connect with prospects from anywhere
  • The company wanted the accessibility of the system from any device to reduce the number of missed calls from potential clients
  • The company also needed flexibility on phone numbers for its global operations


CallHippo realized that a cloud-based enterprise communications solution could solve all the problems Techture was facing. CallHippo’s VoIP solution allowed the company’s sales team to make and receive calls using the internet instead of landlines. The entire workforce could access the system from anywhere, using any device.

Let us look at how the company benefited after installing CallHippo.

  • CallHippo fulfilled the requirement on virtual numbers for different countries
  • CallHippo allowed the sales team to reduce the number of missed calls by enabling the facility of system access from their mobile devices
  • The sales team could effectively track all the missed calls, leading to the option of giving the respective clients a callback
  • The analytical dashboard gave real-time insights into every individual’s performance
  • The call live monitoring feature enabled managers to train their sales team better
  • The entire team found the system highly functional keeping their productivity in check

CallHippo allowed the sales team to make early morning or late-day calls from home or anywhere — without any location constraints.


CallHippo takes honor in helping Techture find a viable solution for its sales team. If you are looking to resolve your global connectivity issues and increase your sales, reach out to CallHippo. You can contact us at support@callhippo.com

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