experienced accelerated growth by switching from Skype to CallHippo engaged in global services was looking out for a solution to cut down the increasing expenses associated with client communication and enterprise management. wanted to replace Skype and get a full-fledged integrated solution to improve operations and achieve smooth workflows without glitches. CallHippo provided an all in one seamless communication solution that surpassed the company’s expectations with a whole host of added features to enhance customer service and support.

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An outsourcing company based in Pakistan, TheBPO offers bespoke, one window solution for businesses tailored to suit their unique nature, size, and requirements. With an extensive clientele range that focuses on cost optimization and improving productivity, they serve as a single point of contact for all your business needs. 

They have a diversified portfolio of professionals possessing in-depth knowledge and experience working within multiple sectors and locations. This allows them to be of service at all times and to the best of their capabilities. TheBPO’s service delivery is driven by the use of the latest technological trends. With a team of a dozen talented individuals, they cater to USA based clients regarding accounting, tax advisory, and compliance.


Owing to the current pandemic, the company faced the following industry-specific and platform related challenges. Let’s take a look into both the areas.

Industry-specific challenges:

With many clients in the aviation industry,’s revenue took a significant hit in the wake of the COVID-19 scenario. Their clientele includes organizations such as Air-China, China-Southern, etc. They needed to discover practical, innovative solutions to counter the COVID-19 induced lull.

Platform-specific challenges:

Since they are a locally-based company with an overseas client base, they needed calling numbers for different locations. The cost was a significant factor to consider while deciding since they would be placing international calls from Pakistan. 

Earlier they were using Skype, before making the switch to CallHippo.


A company that genuinely believes in unhindered growth, TheBPO was on the lookout for a cloud-based telephony partner that does justice to their unique requirements. CallHippo proved to be a better choice as compared to their previous platform, Skype, on the following grounds,

  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective, customizable plans
  • Minimal training sessions required
  • Round-the-clock chat support
  • Ability to track missed calls with retrievable notifications
  • Call forwarding facility

CEO Speak

“As a locally-based outsourcing enterprise with a global clientele base, we needed a cost-effective cloud-based solution that delivered what it promised. CallHippo performed more than our expectations with a plethora of practical and intuitive features that rendered more credibility and visibility to our firm. A good way to engender trust with your overseas clients is to sign up with them. The 24*7 chat-based support ensured the smooth resolution of any queries or glitches that we might have encountered.”


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Last updated: September 1, 2020

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