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Trips to India are professional travel experts providing trip planning assistance to people traveling to India independently. The company helps travelers by designing a perfect tour to their dream destination, tailored to their specific needs. Trips to India aims at providing a comfortable, safe, and customized trip experience to people across the globe who wish to explore India.

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How Trips to India leveraged CallHippo and Earned Customer Trust!

Trips to India was facing communication problems with their customers. They found it challenging to reach their customers because of the absence of an automated, comprehensive call management system. The company was losing existing customers and was not able to acquire more customers effectively. They needed a better call management system to improve their customer support.

Trips to India switched to CallHippo, and the benefits started surfacing shortly. CallHippo virtual calling system enabled them to make calls worldwide with ease and communicate more effectively with the customers. In no time, they could observe a rise in revenues. CallHippo empowered them by providing a variety of services at the most affordable rates.

CallHippo Case Study with Trip to India

Challenges :

Intending to help people across the globe by designing tailored tour packages to India for them, Trips to India was facing communication problems related to providing customer service and business development.

Here are the challenges Trips to India was facing:

  • With its customer base expanding across the globe, it became difficult to reach their potential customers.
  • Trips to India team also faced challenges in customer interaction due to the difference in their customers’ time-zones spread across the globe.
  • Call management issues were consuming a significant amount of time for the company’s team.
  • Data management was also a problem for Trips to India’s team during interaction with their existing and potential customers.
  • With so many issues, Trips to India was finding it difficult not only to manage the existing customers but also to attract new customers.

Solutions :

CallHippo first looked into the company and analyzed the problems as well as the nature of their business. We realized that Trips to India needed an overall communication solution that not only provided them with calls but also helped them manage data and interact with their customers and potential customers effectively.

Let’s see how the company benefited after switching to CallHippo:

  • They were able to manage multiple calls simultaneously, cutting down long waiting hours.
  • Calls got automatically distributed among the agents.
  • They could track the time for the country they were calling.
  • With the CallHippo CRM integration, customer service became prompt and effective, and customers were satisfied.
  • Providing country-specific numbers turned out to be a massive success as customers were communicating like never before.
  • Missing calls were not a significant issue now as the phone system was smart enough to send them reminders and notifications of the unfinished task.
  • If no one picks up, the IVR system can let them know what the business hours are and when they can call the company back.
  • With CallHippo’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature, Trips to India could also swap the number mentioned on the website based on the customers’ location.
  • With CallHippo’s efforts, the company’s revenue increased significantly in a short span.

CallHippo served as the flexible, user-friendly, and affordable Saas solution for all their communication issues.

Summary :

We feel privileged to help Trips to India find the solution that helped them go that extra mile. Do let us know if CallHippo can help you and improve your revenues too! Please reach us at support@callhippo.com

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