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The USA Journal is an online platform that publishes peer-reviewed and refereed journals in the North American continent. As the organization is in the publishing industry, communication is a key force that drives the business. They had certain specificities in mind and were looking for a virtual phone system with world-class support. They found their match in CallHippo, and this case study outlines their journey through it and narrates how CallHippo helped the USA Journal is growing their business by over 7%!

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How CallHippo Helped The USA Journal In Growing Its Business By 7%?

The USA Journals is a broad-based open access publisher. It is an open platform that publishes peer-reviewed and refereed journals within the USA. The major objective of the USA Journals is to give an intellectual platform to international scholars, and it aims to support interdisciplinary studies within several journals and develops into the leading journals in the world.

The USA Journals is an online portal that offers journals, with high impact factors and high citations, from across fields in one place. The best part is that all the material is open access journals.


The USA Journals is in the publishing industry. They publish journals, books, and articles, along with other materials. Their team is dedicated to handling things about marketing information and technical assistance. As their teams are required to do so much, communication undoubtedly forms a core aspect of their business.

To smoothen out the wrinkles in their channels of communication and connect better with their clients, the team at the USA Journals was looking for a cloud-telephony solution provider who could help them bridge this gap.

Case Study - CallHippo


CallHippo understood the needs of the USA Journal and the exact areas where its product could fill in the gaps and help the organization grow better.

With CallHippo, the sales and customer support teams at the USA Journals were empowered to communicate better with their customers. Along with this, the extensive features enabled them in connecting quickly with their clients while eliminating any bottlenecks of miscommunication.

In addition to this, the direct and fast connectivity provided by CallHippo offered the teams at the USA Journal a special edge in establishing better channels of information transmittal.


  • With the help of CallHippo, the USA Journals was able to grow its business and increase its revenues by 7%.
  • By using CallHippo, the entire world was much easily accessible for the teams at the USA Journal.
  • The CallHippo app helped the sales and support teams to foster new connections while nurturing the old ones.
  • The connectivity is much faster and smoother than before, which helps the teams at the USA Journal connect better with their clients.

The results of this seamless blend of CallHippo’s offerings with the USA Journal’s requirements came out to be pretty promising for the latter. The organization believes that CallHippo has truly helped them in transforming their communication channels and expand their reach to the entire world.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: September 17, 2021