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About Jiminny

Jiminny is a conversational artificial intelligence platform. It enables users to record, transcribe, and analyze customer interaction and meetings. It improves the visibility and performance of the sales team. Jiminny can reduce the work pressure of the sales reps three times easier by providing intelligent data.


  • Transcription And Analysis: The software records, transcribes, and analyses customer interaction to provide better insight.
  • CRM-automated:It automatically integrates with CRM to provide better customer insight and reduce monotonous admin tasks


  • Real-time Recording: Jiminny captures the customer interactions in real-time, thereby it provides immediate information to alter the course of action.
  • Easy Integration: The solution integrates well with multiple platforms, including CRM solutions, allowing you to reduce the workload of the sales representatives.


  • Remote Access: The remote access feature of the product is complicated. However, the support team will help you resolve the same.
  • Limited Search:The solution provides limited options for filtering and searching the calls. However, CallHippo Coach offers better filtering features with varying call parameters. Thus, CallHippo Coach is an easy-to-use Jiminny alternation in the market.

About CallHippo Coach

CallHippo Coach is an Artificial Intelligence conversational platform that converts customer interaction phone calls into transcripts and analyses it for keywords, risk areas, patterns, and others to create a strategy. Are you looking for a perfect Jiminny alternative that would suit your business needs? CallHippo Coach is one of the top choices available.


  • Transcription And Analysis: CallHippo Coach is an automated platform that converts the entire call into perceivable data, identifies critical success/failure moments, agents’ performance, and other key metrics.
  • Feedback: The data analysis allows managers to oversee the team’s and individual’s performance. It can point to the specific areas for development or offer other feedback.
  • Intelligent Data Filtering: The platform allows creating QA hypotheses for filtering the customer interactions based on call parameters and other filters.
  • Library Management: CallHippo Coach stores and bookmarks critical and essential interactions for employee training, induction, or escalation requirements


  • Automatic Complete Transcription: It automatically covers the entire interaction and transcripts every sentence of the conversation.
  • Attrition Management: Based on the data, it is possible to identify red areas where the call is deemed as high risk for reasons like a deviation from the scripts, compliance gap, or customer objection.
  • Speedy And Easy Process: It analyzes the entire conversation within minutes, and it is possible to scan to get the gist of the interaction quickly. Moreover, the tools are easier to use, and thus, the agents and the managers do not need additional support or extensive training.
  • Effective Appraisal And Onboarding Resource: The data from CallHippo Coach is an effective knowledge base for training and induction processes. It also helps to conduct appraisal or comparative analysis.


  • English-only: It is an effective solution for interactions that take place in English
  • Call-only Analysis:CallHippo Coach cannot analyze customer interactions that take place through email, chatbot, company website, and other channels.

Why Is CallHippo Coach Better Than Jiminny?

Jiminny is a coaching and analytics solution dedicated to the sales department. On the other hand, CallHippo Coach stands as an effective

Jiminny alternative for holistic use, including customer success, sales, and contact centers. Jiminny offers analysis and transcription only, but CallHippo Coach provides risk management and feedback for better performance in the future. Although the call recordings on Jiminny are live, it takes a considerable time to get updated. However, CallHippo Coach is a speedy option.

Pricing Comparison

Jiminny offers a quotation based pricing option, and CallHippo Coach provides subscription-based packages. CallHippo Coach starts at just $20 per month for one user.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: July 21, 2021