Canada is famous for Niagara falls, maple syrup, beautiful landscapes, and good people. Having ample opportunities for work and a good lifestyle, Canada is becoming a hotbed for tourists as well as expats. So, it goes without a saying that so many people would like to make a call for business purposes or to their friends and family. But do you know how you can make calls to Canada? Without beating around the bush, I’ll enumerate what all things do you need to make your first business call to a Canada phone number

How to place a call to Canada? 

You might have noticed that whenever you wish to call, you’ve to dial that country’s code. For example, India has +91, the UK has +44. Without the code, you won’t be able to dial the number. Canada’s country code is +1. 

Canada has 3-digit area codes that you must dial depending on the province you want to reach. Different regions have different codes, so it’s advisable to have a list of codes that matches their respective provinces. 

Here’s an example of a Canada phone number. If you see, (604) 445-6655, dial +1 604 445 6655. 

When dialing from a landline, you need to add prefix international call digit, i.e., 00 or 01. These numbers differ depending on where you’re calling. 

Why am I not able to connect the call to Canada? 

  • Check whether you’ve dialed the right number
  • Check whether you’ve added the country code, province code before dialing the number 
  • If you’re calling from a mobile phone, make sure you add +1 
  • You can also use apps like WhatsApp, Skype to call. Where WhatsApp provides free calling services, you need to preload credits for making international calls through skype. 

Do getting a toll-free number boosts conversions? 

A Canada toll-free number helps you tap untapped horizons. Besides, it allows the client to call without worrying about paying a high charge for the time spent on hold. Moreover, a toll-free number ensures that you are receiving a business call A toll-free number is great to take your potential customer to the top of the funnel and maximize the business. 

There are multiple reasons to keep a toll free number.

  1. Trust: When a customer sees 1800xxxxxxxx, they’ll immediately perceive that it’s a business-related call. Hence, the probability of them talking to you increases. 
  2. Text advantage: Most of the Canada toll-free number providers also give a text option along with the calling option. This comes handy for those potential customers that prefer texting over a call. 
  3. It helps you create the impression that your business is bigger than what it is actually

How do I pick the right toll free number provider?


There are tons and thousands of toll-free number providers. But which one best suits your needs? To understand, you must focus on the following points:-

  1. If you’re a small business owner, look for a virtual phone system that provides more services than your regular providers. 
  2. Look for providers that support multiple conversations going on at a single time. This will minimize the possibility of your potential customers hanging up on you. 
  3. Ensure that your preferred provider has portability for toll-free numbers. If, after a while, you wish to switch to a different provider and want to take the number with you, you must have an option to do so. 
  4. Value for money: Look for providers that give you the right kind of services in your budget. 

 Do Canadian phone numbers come with inbuilt voice mailboxes?

In recent times, mobile phone users have grown at a tremendous rate and outpaced landline use. As more and more Canadians are going mobile-only, it’s but natural to have phones with in-built voice mailboxes. Voicemails can have a general or personalized message. 

Voicemails also act as a savior for businesses like you. When you’re not available to take a call, a voicemail greeting can record the caller’s name, number, and reason for the call. So, it helps you to prep up before your calls and makes you look professional. Greet your customers with a personalized voice message and take your business to new heights. Check our pricing here

Wish to expand horizons in the Canadian market? Collaborate with us!

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So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on making your first business call to Canada. Use some of these (or all) points to showcase what business you possess and make the most of it, one call at a time. All the best! ? 

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