With the dynamic business scenario in Australia booming, it is imperative for your company to get a virtual phone number to capitalize on gigantic benefits for your bottom line results. Get the most efficient service, remain accessible on the move, and streamline all your internal business operations with a virtual number.

So, just how will your organization benefit from investing in an Australian virtual number? Let’s have a look at some major advantages –

  • Functional Service – Your business can set up its own support call center through Australia’s virtual phone number in less than three minutes. It’s a fast fix, hassle-free and supremely convenient for your business as they can handle client grievances, and excel in providing the best possible customer service.
  • Toll-Free Number To Attract Clients – Getting an Australia Virtual Number is the smartest move to gain a competitive advantage, as your toll-free number is a great way to capture quality leads and keep them engaged in your business.
  • Accessible Always – Through a virtual Australian phone number, it is possible to remain linked to team members who are remotely scattered all over the globe. Integrate all your critical business functions by keeping clients, employees and team networks internally connected through virtual phone systems.
  • High- Level Customization – An Australian virtual number comes with a gamut of facilities which can be personalized completely to suit your business requirements. This will surely keep your clients engaged in your organization!

Transform your business operations by getting an Australia toll-free number! Here are some essential features of a virtual phone system:

  • Call Forwarding – Call forwarding facility gives you the option to forward business calls to your personal number; so that you rest assured you receive essential business communication.
  • Call Recording – You can go through previous call records to identify the gaps in customer service, and work on fulfilling them through call recording feature.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Set up your own virtual call assistant through interactive voice response technology and guide customers to the required department.
  • Voice Mail – This is a convenient facility provided by Australian virtual phone numbers which give customers a chance to record messages, queries, or complaints on the voice mail.
  • Team Collaboration – Enhance team collaborations by providing a conducive environment to the marketing and sales departments, so as to increase goal achievement.

How to Get an Australian Virtual Number Right NOW

So, if you have decided to invest in an Australian virtual number for your company, it’s a simple procedure. You can buy both a virtual phone number and a toll-free number for your business.

Virtual Local Number – For an Australian virtual number, all you need to do is choose your country, state where your company is based, and preferable number before you make payments. Since it will be a local number your brand value will escalate and enhance the confidence of clients.

Toll-Free Number – To get your Australian toll-free number activated, all you need to do is sign up with CallHippo, click on the “add number” option, and then choose your country and state. You can get started immediately by choosing your number, and reap huge benefits.

PricingGetting an Australian virtual number or toll-free number is a cost-effective and efficient solution for your company in the long run. Below are the details of “Standard” & “Premium” packages.

Standard – For your standard Australian virtual number, you will need to add the country code +61 as a prefix, and also have the convenient option of number portability. There are two kinds of plans available – silver and platinum. The number charges are $8/month, and you get one standard number free/user in both silver and platinum plans. Your incoming calls will be charged at $0.022 per minute, so it’s going to be an extremely cost-efficient provider.

Premium – AUS mobile and toll-free number charges are $18.5/month for each number. However, the toll-free number has a one-time payment charge of $100. The incoming call rate will be $0.022/min 0.065$/minute respectively.

Optimize your business communication technology by investing in a virtual phone number now – it will make sure you are completely reachable, productive, and efficient at any time, any place.

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