The United States of America is a booming business destination that can open numerous avenues for all kinds of firms. Companies all across the globe have diversified their operations as it has a cosmopolitan culture and business-friendly regulations. Investing in US phone numbers is the best move for your business as it will help you handle all your communication needs in an instant!

Virtual telephony has taken over the corporate world by storm and can reduce calling expenses by 90%. If you have expanded your business to the United States, there could be nothing better than getting a US mobile phone number or a USA toll-free number for your organization. US local phone numbers can help your company forge a strong connection with target audiences, and capture a huge customer base in an overseas market.

It is essential to be aware of your business needs and check all types of US phone numbers so that you can make an informed choice. Most reliable service providers such as CallHippo have three major options – USA local phone numbers, USA toll-free numbers, and USA mobile phone numbers. All three of them are powered by virtual telephony, and you need to choose the perfect platform according to the size and type of your business.

So if you have entered the US market, it is time to make your mark with a band by getting the right US phone numbers for your firm. Here are the various options of US telephone numbers:

US Local Phone Number:

If you need to compete with local businesses in the United States of America, make sure to get a USA local phone number. All your clients will need to do is dial a US local phone number to get connected to your organization – it’s a great way to enhance brand image, gain client trust and boost your company’s reputation in an overseas market.

Your customers will have to put the area code of the region and simply get connected by dialing your USA local phone number. Here are the area codes of some popular business hotspots in the United States:

  • 650- South San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley (California)
  • 202- District of Columbia
  • 907- Alaska
  • 310- Los Angeles (California)
  • 917 and 718- New York City (New York)
  • 512- Austin (Texas)
  • 312- Chicago (Illinois)
  • 415- San Francisco (California)
  • 617- Boston (Massachusetts)
  • 305- Miami and the Florida Keys (Florida)

US Virtual Phone Number

US Toll-Free Number:

The customer is king in the current competitive market so if you want to open seamless channels of communication with your valued customers, make sure to get a virtual us phone number. More businesses are purchasing toll-free numbers as an effort to engage customers through directed marketing campaigns and excellent customer support. The single largest benefit of a structured US toll-free number is that it increases accessibility exponentially and can help your customers from the USA reach you at any time of the day.

Your customers will not need to wait in endless long telephonic queues as an easy to remember USA toll-free number is the best way to be responsive towards customer issues, queries or doubts. A toll-free number also gives your brand a unique identity and reinforces in the minds of customers that your company provides an exceptional service experience. Getting a US toll-free phone number will surely help your business expand its customer base manifold as they will be encouraged to call due to the ‘free’ call aspect.

USA Mobile Phone Number:

If your organization wants to benefit from a unified presence in the United States, it is definitely a good idea to purchase a US mobile phone number. Virtual telephone system can be used by your team members on the move, irrespective of which geographic region they are based.

Your customers, business partners, clients, and stakeholders will just have to dial the country code of the USA (+1) and the USA mobile phone number to get connected instantly. Getting the best US mobile phone number will help your organization gain the following advantages:

  • Mobile phone numbers will help your staff members avail a number of novel benefits such as call forwarding, interactive voice response, planner, voicemail, and call recording. The specialized features of a USA mobile phone number are sure to streamline your business communication in a structured manner.
  • A US mobile phone number can help your organization personalize communication with clients – you can play customized greetings and music for your customers while they are on hold.
  • USA mobile phone numbers provide hassle-free connectivity as the installation is speedy and responsive. There is no requirement of any physical equipment or hardware, and it just takes a couple of minutes to set up a US mobile phone number.
  • Getting a USA mobile phone number is very pocket-friendly and all call rates are highly subsidized. It will definitely save major communication costs in the long run and increase business revenues.
  • US mobile phone numbers are the best way to boost team collaboration, document sharing, and task flow management – your organization will benefit from high productivity and business efficacy.

The United States has the perfect business ecosystem and the time is ripe to expand in that region. It is time to stop thinking and get a unified comprehensive business communication system for your organization. Whatever be the industry or type of business, if your company has ventured into the United States market, make sure to invest in US phone numbers.

Research all possible options, choose a reliable service provider and get a US local phone number, US toll-free number or a US mobile phone number to accrue some incremental advantages. Virtual phone solutions can bring a positive revolution to your communication practices – invest in the best to witness a dramatic upturn of your business fortunes and bottom line results.

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