Are you still using that traditional analog business phone number?

If the answer is “Yes”, we must say that you are missing a great business contrivance that CallHippo offers to its clients. It is hard to prosper in this digital world outwardly a virtual calling system. If you haven’t optimized your Business communication network using the Australia Phone Number, know the reason with us why you should it do it now.

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How the virtual phone numbers are redefining businesses in this modern arena?

The modern world is a replica of technological advancement.  Now, you can’t run your business over a single phone call. You need to answer voicemails easily, send bulk SMS to the clients, forward your calls to the right agent to the immediate action, and provide the exclusive customer support irrespective of your location. Well, it seems a lot. Isn’t? To achieve all this effortlessly, you need to have a virtual phone system.

The features modules that CallHippo offers to its client are competent enough to make you well-versed in all these tasks. This is how an Australia virtual phone number by CallHippo will help you to take your business at the zenith.

A well-optimized VoIP system saves a lot of money

What is the main watchword of every business? Of course, to churn out the maximum revenue with minimum investment! And this is precisely what a virtual phone system by CallHippo promises to its clients. With a peanut size investment, it churns out the maximum investment. Whether you are looking out for the ways to mow down your international calling bills or around the clock customer support, our business phone numbers do it all.

You can understand the effectiveness of a VoIP system in subduing the operational cost with the help of the below-mentioned facts.

  • A recent case study of PC World confirms that businesses that were using 30 traditional phone systems in their offices were successful to save around $1,200 in a month after switching to VoIP.
  • A report on Dell’s switch to VoIP system released in the year 2016 revealed that the company managed to save $39.5 million in total over its operational cost post shifting to VoIP.

Apart from saving a lot of operational costs, it saves a huge chunk of money on your office relocation cost as well. When you are shifting your office, taking all those traditional wired phone systems is nothing less than a migraine. In addition, when all the connections are dismissed, you are likely to miss important phone calls as well.

You can take a breather if you are using our VoIP-driven Australia phone numbers.  Our virtual phone systems provide you all-inclusive connectivity irrespective of your location. You can easily use the call forwarding feature to divert the calls on any other available number. Thus, chances to miss any call are also bleak.  You can easily make and receives calls without any location constraint with a virtual phone number.

It will help you to go global

You can easily buy local business phone numbers of more than 50 countries with CallHippo. Henceforth, it is easy for any small-scale business to expand its reach at an affordable cost.  Driven by 5G technology, our VoIP telephony systems in Australia, i.e. Australia Virtual Phone Number, helps you to take a hassle-free communication system on board.

In addition, it is a great deal when you are seeking to gain the trust of a particular business area. Our virtual local Australia phone number helps a customer to rely upon you. Thus, you can win their hearts easily.

Australia Business Phone Number - CallHippo

It is a great way to optimize your customer experience

With your business phone optimization to VoIP, you actually optimize your customer experience as well. With your traditional landline business phone system, your customers have to wait for a longer time period if the lines are busy. In addition, they had to listen to that boring music in the background as well. It is like two-way torture.

However, CallHippo virtual telephony system is way more than advanced and better in this section as well. As you can add multiple users to the same virtual phone number, your customers need not wait more than 30 seconds.  Its automated integration will directly transfer the call to any available agent irrespective of the location.

Though the waiting time would be considered low with virtual phone numbers, the ear-pleasing “On Hold Music” will grant a pleasant service experience to your customers. You can choose the music of your choice and enhance your customer experience by two-folds.

Apart from all this, when your customers leave any voicemail on your Australia virtual phone numbers, you can directly convert it to the email and send it to the respective agent. It increases your response time and your customers’ satisfaction by all means.

Optimization of VoIP or Business Phone Numbers to any business has very far-sighted benefits. Make the switch to CallHippo’s virtual phone number and upkeep a responsive, cost-effective, and around the clock communication system for your business.

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