Business phone numbers are the new corporate trend in town and have taken over the business arena by storm. VoIP phone systems are indeed a disruptive technology that is transforming the telecommunications industry globally. Small businesses that switch to virtual phone numbers enjoy 40% cost savings in their local calls, along with increased convenience and better accessibility.

Office phone numbers are a must-have in your communication toolkit. Companies are leveraging the power of virtual phone numbers to gain a competitive advantage in the playing field. Lower domestic and international calling rates offered by business phone numbers are a huge bonus and help new start-ups and small-medium enterprises boost up profitability parameters.

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Why Your Organization Needs A Canada Virtual Phone Number

In the highly digitalized world, we live in today, there are no borders for business! That is precisely the reason tons of companies have expanded to Canada. It is a ripe market that has easy regulations, taxation, and an ever-growing consumer base, so investing in a Canada phone number is a great choice! Cities such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are cosmopolitan commercial nerve centers that can help your business capture a large client base.

Internet and wireless technologies are changing the nature of telecommunications in Canada. Canadians are amongst the most active internet users in the world, with over 81% of the local population having an internet connection at their home or office. Getting an office phone number is the best way to open omni-channels of communication with local customers and gain a competitive edge over industry rivals in the Canadian markets.

You may decide to get a Canada virtual phone number with the local area code of the geographical region where you wish to market your products. You will need to use the prefix (+1) for calls, and your number will serve as a Canadian local number, thus help you to reach out to a larger target audience. Investing in a Canada phone number is a great way to form a long-term rapport with customers, and form a credible brand reputation for your organization. So harness the power of a local Canada virtual phone number to generate positive business leads, build a positive brand presence and empower your marketing team for better overseas campaigns.

Getting a toll-free Canada number is another attractive option for your organization as it an efficient and easy medium to reach out to international clients. Your Canadian toll-free phone numbers may start with 1800, 833, 844, 855, 866 or 877 toll-free dial-codes, and will ensure that your valued customers can connect with support team representatives at any time of the day. It will help in faster client engagement, superior query resolution rate, and more holistic customer experience., thus promoting a long term loyal relationship with your organization.

If you are still on the fence about the transition, and not certain about going in for an office phone number, think no more, and take the decision to adopt virtual telephony. It is not surprising that the Ottawa district in Canada has decided to terminate over 80,000 landline connections in favor of VoIP systems – a strategic move with clear intentions to modernize its communication infrastructure.


If your organization has already moved into the Canadian markets or is planning to in the near future, make sure to ditch your traditional phone system and move forward with business phone numbers. Here are some major business advantages that you will accrue by getting a Canada virtual phone number:

      • Better Accessibility-

        Investing in a Canada phone number with local area codes will open up a whole new audience base for your business. Customers will be able to maintain open and transparent communication through your office phone number, and will not have to waste long hours trying to get in touch with support staff. Superior customer service to Canadian local audiences will definitely be the biggest advantage of a Canada virtual phone number!

      • Innovative Business Features-

        A Canada phone number comes packed with novel features such as call queuing, interactive voice response, voicemail, call planner and recording. Get a VoIP phone system to benefit from a plethora of unique features that will save your business time and money.

      • Mobility-

        Business phone numbers are amazing tools to boost up the productivity of a remote workforce or field employees, as all require is an internet connection to respond to official calls. Virtual phone numbers ensure that team members can creatively collaborate from any corner of the globe, and this leads to an increase in job engagement on the move!

      • Easy Installation and Maintenance-

        – Getting a Canada phone number has never been easier! It only takes a couple of minutes for a credible service provider such as CallHippo to install a Canada virtual phone number for your organization. It is highly scalable, agile and can be personalized with features to suit your business requirements.

    • Cost-Effective-

      Office phone numbers can save precious pennies for your organization! Your calling expenses will dip to an all-time low by installing a VoIP phone system as it has the most economical domestic and international calling plans. Business phone numbers are surely the fastest way to save on communication costs and enhance business revenues instantly.

The Canadian economy is at an all-time high, and it is definitely time to enter into this lucrative market! Harness the power of a Canada phone number to make a dramatic local presence, and provide quality customer service to all stakeholders. You will definitely be able to make your brand name count in Canada by adopting virtual telephony.

A Harvard study has declared that the Federal Communications Commission has taken its first critical steps towards retiring analog communication in the United States and Canada. This clearly shows us that office phone numbers are the future of corporate telecommunications. Do not delay, and get onboard this revolutionary technological platform – it is bound to increase your bottom line results through state-of-the-art communication processes and better task flow management!

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