It is estimated that in 2018 almost 274.86 million people will be on the internet in the USA. That’s really huge! These people are using the internet for almost everything from walking down the street to making calls overseas. Yes, calling your business partners, clients and even your loved ones somewhere in Australia has become much easier with the innovation in the telephony world. All you need is have some basic ideas about the country codes and you are all set to call almost anyone in Australia while sitting in your home or office in the USA.

Nowadays, making business calls over the internet has become a trend and it’s quite obvious because they will cost you a way less than calling over traditional telephone lines.

The most common ways used while calling over the internet are:

1) Using Free Services Like Skype, Facetime, ooVoo, Qik, Google+ Hangouts

Services like this can be a great way to stay connected to your team who is placed in Australia. You can use it to conduct interviews, for talking to your clients, having a group or one-to-one meetings and also to call your loved ones who are thousands of miles away from you.

2) Google Voice account

Google voice account is yet another way to make internet calls. It is used to make free call services from PC to phone calls and from PC to PC calls.

However, they do charge a certain amount of fee while making international calls.  Like it will be free while you are calling a number in the USA and Canada while calling outside this area like Australia will cost you some nominal amount.

While many of its features are free, some features like Call recording and number porting are available only to paid accounts.

3) International Calling cards

International calls are expensive especially when they are used for long duration frequently. You can save some money if you manage to get an International calling card, online or through a service provider. All you need to do is pay for the minutes in advance. However, they come with a variety of hidden charges. So, before you get an International calling card to call Australia to consider all the prospects else you might end up paying the same amount or even more.

4) Virtual Phone Numbers

With Cloud-based virtual phone numbers things are very simple you don’t need to set up traditional telephone lines or worry about thrifty bills. You just need to pay a subscription fee every month and then you are all set to make business and personal calls from your US Phone number to Australia. Service providers like CallHippo will help you set your own support center in less than 3 minutes in 3 simple steps that too at a very affordable price.


4 steps to call a Landline number in Australia from the USA

Suppose you want to call a landline number 7010 7799 somewhere in Melbourne Australia. This is how you can proceed.

Step 1: You have to start by dialing with the international exit code for the United States which is “011”. This is done to depict that you are placing a call outside of the USA and Canada.

Your Dialing pad should look something like this


Step 2: “61” is the country code for Australia which should be attached next to the string.

“011 61”

Step3: Australia has a city code for its every city, it’s mandatory to use them during the calling process. Below is the list of the same.

Australia Area Codes_CallHippo

As we are calling to Melbourne the string should now look like

“011 61 3”

Step4: Attach the 8-digit landline number you want to call

“011 61 3 7010 7799”

Calling a cell phone in Australia is almost similar, the only extra thing you need to do is dial an extra “4” after Australia country code and before city code of an Australian City.

i.e 011+ 61+4+ cell phone number

The extra “4” is used to depict that you are calling from a mobile phone in Australia

There are various alternatives now available in the market and none of them could be as convenient as the Virtual Phone numbers. Don’t worry much about paying huge phone bills. Use of Australia Virtual Phone Number gives you the ability to provide a personalized feel to customer contact. Feel free to call your friends, family and business associates using these numbers.

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