South Africa – the southernmost country in Africa is a ripe business field with plenty of opportunities for starting a new venture. One interesting fact about South Africa is that it has a relatively high GDP per capita as compared to the other neighboring countries in the Sub-Saharan African region.

So why do you need to consider South Africa as the new business hotspot destination? Well, it is a fast-growing economy with plenty of resources that can be sourced locally at a cheap rate. Another amazing fact about South Africa is that it has very international-friendly regulations about global trade and commerce transactions.

However, one difficulty that prime investors, particularly from the United States, may face is getting a great communication system in place for South African business processes. US virtual phone numbers are a common way to conduct business communication in the United States region, and one may wonder if it will be difficult to get in touch with new customers in South Africa.

Well, there is absolutely no need to worry – South Africa virtual phone numbers are easily available and will help you manage all your business communication in an efficient manner. Calling from the United States is now an easy task – your US phone numbers can instantly call South Africa without any delays or disruptions.


US phone numbers have already made a huge splash in the United States – it is equally easy to utilize the services of a good service provider to get a great virtual phone system for all your diverse business requirements in South Africa. South Africa numbers are a miraculous tool that can help your organization build a strong client base, establish good consumer service, and create a smooth workflow that will definitely lead to higher profits!

While many people use free internet applications such as Skype or Hangout, and international calling cards to get in touch with their business partners, the absolute best way is to invest in virtual phone numbers. The power of virtual telephony cannot be undermined, and it is definitely the future of effective business communication. It will definitely be cheap and cost-effective to utilize South Africa virtual phone numbers to establish regular contact and streamline all communication processes.

How To Call South Africa From US:

Your Virtual US Phone Numbers are a huge asset that can help you get instantly connected with business clients and partners in South Africa. While calling South Africa from the US may seem to be a complicated process, it is quite simple once we understand some important steps. This is how we can proceed:

  • Step 1– Obtain the US International Exit Code

Each country has a distinct exit code that enables users to dial outside the country. You will need to start by dialing the main US international exit code that will help you dial outside of the United States. For the US, the international exit code is ‘011”.


  • Step 2– Get the Country Code for South Africa

You will then need to dial the specific country code for South Africa which is “27”. This will permit you to gain calling access to the country that you require to call, hence it has to be attached next to the string.


  • Step 3– Choose the particular geographic area in South Africa that you need to call.

South Africa has a different two-digit code for each particular area in the country, and it is compulsory to use them to get connected to a particular region. The area code basically helps to identify and narrow the region in South Africa where the call has to be placed.

For example: If we wish to place a call to Johannesburg from our US virtual phone number, we will need to dial the area code for Johannesburg that is ‘11’


Here is a quick list of the various area codes of important regions in South Africa:

Cape Town: 21
Durban: 31
Johannesburg: 11
Pretoria: 12
Port Elizabeth: 41
Benoni: 11
Soweto: 51
Bloemfontein: 51
Vereeniging: 16
Pietermaritzburg: 33

  • Step 4 – Finally dial the standard seven-digit landline or mobile phone number you wish to call

South Africa uses a standard seven-digit mobile and landline numbers. You need to carefully check the number and dial it to the existing string.


There is nothing as convenient as using the power of virtual phone systems to make calls to any region in South Africa. South Africa virtual phone numbers can help you establish contact with your valued customer base, and your business can build a dynamic international presence in an unknown foreign market.

Harness your US phone systems to the fullest, and make use of virtual telephony to expand your business operations in the booming economy of South Africa – you will surely witness a dramatic positive transformation in your business fortunes.

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