One country that almost every big or a small enterprise with global aspirations wants to go to expand their business is definitely the United Kingdom. Be it London, Manchester, Reading, or Liverpool, the opportunities are unlimited for businesses looking to expand. However, customers in the UK wouldn’t exactly be keen on dialing an international phone number at high charges to do business with these new enterprises.

So, what’s the solution that international businesses have for such a scenario and to be able to grab the opportunities of the UK market?

The solution is a UK phone number that they can use for virtual call forwarding to be able to connect calls to any phone worldwide. 

What Is A UK Virtual Phone Number?

A UK virtual phone number is a number with multiple phone numbers mapped to it. So, when a call is placed on this virtual phone number from the US or any other country, it instantly gets connected with any one of the phone numbers, thus reducing hassle and saving on the need to give multiple business contact numbers to clients/acquaintances.

This will allow you to represent your business with a centralized business phone number for better brand positioning as well as ease of doing business.

How To Connect With The UK From The US?

The beauty of the Virtual Phone System is that it allows you to connect to almost any place in the world by taking on the form of a local number.

So, if you live in the United States and want to do business in London, Glasgow, Reading, or anywhere else in the UK, having the UK virtual phone number of that area will give you the ability to connect with clients/businesses in the UK.

The UK virtual phone number that you will take for this purpose will be in use just like a normal phone number for people in the UK but all calls will be directed/forwarded to your number of choices, irrespective of the place where you may be located.

How to call UK from US-CallHippo

Benefits Of Having A UK Virtual Phone Number

There are several benefits of taking the UK virtual phone system for the purpose of calling from the US to someone sitting in the UK-

1. No Long Distance Charges

A virtual phone system gives your callers the advantage of avoiding long-distance call charges when calling from the US to the UK. With a UK virtual phone number, your customers can enjoy a seamless calling experience, which is definitely a valuable feature for any business.

2. Enjoy The Benefit Of Toll-Free Phone Numbers

A UK toll-free number allows your customers to call from the US or from anywhere else in the world at absolutely no additional cost. It helps your company establish a robust presence in any area/city/state of the UK where you are trying to establish your presence without having to incur the cost of setting up a new office.

3. Get Local UK Phone Numbers In A Matter Of Minutes

Buying a local phone number in the UK (that your customers will be able to call while in the US) has never been so easy. Renowned virtual phone service providers such as CallHippo offer a wide range of local virtual UK phone numbers that you can avail to operate a business in the UK and to provide a fast and hassle-free mode of communication to your customers.

These virtual phone systems come with a host of amazing features including call recording and smart call forwarding to route all your business as well as personal calls from the UK to your home, office, mobile, or PBX systems in the US.

Procedure To Call From The United States To The UK

Here are the steps for making a call to the UK from anywhere in the United States-

  1. In the first step, you need to dial the US exit code 011. This exit code indicates that you are making a call outside of the United States 
  2. Once done, you have to dial the country code for the UK that is +44. Entering the country code will connect to any UK-based phone number. 
  3. Next comes the area code of the UK (2–5 digits depending on the area) such as Liverpool +44 151, Leeds +44 113, London +44 20, Birmingham +44 121, Bradford, +44-1274, Manchester +44 161, Oxford +44-1865, Glasgow +44 141, Newcastle +44 191, Sheffield  +44 114, Reading +44-118 etc.
  4. In the last step, dial the phone number (4–8 digits; area code plus phone number) to get connected to the call.

How Can You Get A UK Virtual Phone Number

CallHippo is one of the leading names in the virtual telephony space that offers UK virtual phone numbers for business (including the US and 50+ other countries).

With CallHippo, you can easily get the UK business phone numbers to call from the US or any other country in the world. One of the highlights of this cloud phone system is its compatibility with different types of devices including landline, mobile phones, web browsers, tablets, or and any other device that can be connected to the Internet/ broadband.

To Sum It Up

Like any other service today, the virtual telephony space is getting extremely competitive and the only way to stand out is by offering unparalleled services to your customers.

CallHippo’s virtual phone system in the UK is an excellent solution that helps you build a strong calling support system that can be operated from the US as well as from other parts of the world. This cloud-based phone system not only makes calling the UK from the US extremely simple but also gives your business an opportunity in the UK to easily reach the local market.

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