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Did you know?

  • That “Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell. It was later replaced with “Hello” which was recommended by Thomas Edison.
  • Initially, the wires used in telephones were ranked on the basis of how appetizing they were to mice and rats.
  • Telephobia is the fear of making or receiving phone calls.

Many such interesting and bizarre facts can be found looking back at the history of telephones and communication. Ever since telephone equipment became commercial in the form of payphones or otherwise, we have witnessed immense growth in its usage throughout the world with innovations continuously disrupting the telephony industry.
Evolution in telephony has taken us from payphones to landlines, from landlines to cellular networks, and the most recent transformation in communication channels has brought us internet telephony or cloud telephony. All these telephonic methods help us achieve simple and straightforward communication. But with each iteration of phone, we have made better overall productivity in communication.

Internet/cloud telephony is also commonly known as a VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. It uses the internet rather than regular telephone lines. They provide you with much useful communication tech equipment for businesses as well as local phone numbers, business phone numbers, toll-free phone numbers and mobile phone numbers which can be purchased and used at much cheaper rates than average cellular rates.

How to Place a Call in Chile from the US

Follow these dialing instructions to place a call from the US to Chile

  1. Dial the country code for Chile, that is, ’56’.
  2. Finally, you must dial the 1 or 2 digit area code(for the region in Chile) followed by the 6 or 7 digit phone number.

You can find the list of area codes for Chile over here.

Even though placing an international call is an easy job, but most of the time, people consider this process as a very tedious one and tend to dislike it. The main reason ends up being the hefty amount required to place an international call, but unlike a regular phone number, a VOIP service can ensure calls at an affordable price starting at 6$.

It is easy to place a call with the help of VoIP service.

Calling in Chile from US Using CallHippo VoIP Service

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Using a VoIP service such as CallHippo you can quickly obtain toll-free phone numbers from 50+ countries, and use them to place and receive calls from over 190+ countries.

If you live in the US, you can purchase a Best Chile virtual phone number from CallHippo. This number will act as a local phone number for anyone receiving a call from this number in Chile, but for you, it will be your business phone number for that country.

Call chile from the USA- CallHippo

Get Virtual Phone Number in Easy Steps:

Signup for a free account with CallHippo.

  1. Head over to the virtual phone number section. Select the country(Chile), an area code that you would like, and choose from the list of available numbers.
  2. Once you have selected your number, proceed to pay for it with our simple and transparent payment plans. CallHippo subscription plans are some of the lowest in the industry.

Yes! It is that simple. Some might say this is a lengthy process, just like using cellular networks. But you need to remember that this is a one-time non-repetitive process that will save you countless hours in the future and also reduce your calling costs by a considerable margin.

Your Chile virtual phone number is now ready to be used. You can use it on any device that supports CallHippo to place and receive calls. Furthermore, you can add multiple users on the same number for business purposes or personal reasons.

If all the above-mentioned utility that a VoIP service for small business provides to you isn’t enough, you must take a look at the plethora of features that CallHippo offers you with your virtual phone number. You would not want to miss out on these significant aspects of CallHippo.

CallHippo VoIP Features :

  • Compatible with many devices and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. Due to this feature, now you are not limited to using a cellular phone to place calls.
  • Smart call forwarding lets you easily forward calls from your CallHippo number to your personal or registration number.
  • The Call Transfer feature is fantastic and very easy to use. Rather than having your customer call another number, you can easily redirect the current call to another staff member so; they get a better customer experience.
  • The Conference Calling system lets you collaborate with your team located across the globe.
  • Call Distribution is an intuitive system which allows you to route a call to the right executive at the receiving end.
  • An IVR is also known as an Interactive Voice System is a prerecorded voice system that directs the customer to the right department when they are looking for help. This system saves the customers and the support staff time.
  • Call Queuing lets you answer calls in the order they were being received, allowing you to be courteous to your customers.
  • Call Barging sounds like a harsh term, but it is a handy feature for customer support businesses. When supervisors are monitoring calls, they can easily barge in or join the call in case of any queries. Doing this will immediately turn it into a conference call.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Chile phone number for personal use, you might not need all the features mentioned above, but it is always good to know you have the option to avail them.

A business cannot thrive without effective communication. CallHippos’ simple and innovative features help you solve many of your day-to-day business problems and take it to a whole new level.

Rise of VoIP and Cloud Telephony

Whether it is a start-up or a well-established company, businesses of all types and sizes are starting to use cloud telephony. They see how VoIP services provide extensive functionality that helps solve big communication problems with innovative yet straightforward telephony features. 

There are already existing competitors in the cloud telephony space with new ones coming up at a rapid pace. This technology is truly bringing about a radical change in the way business communication takes place. CallHippo was founded very recently in the year 2016. They have rocketed themselves to success against their competitors in a short period due to their cloud telephony integration with VoIP services and have proven to be one of the best VoIP service providers out there. 

If you haven’t hopped on the VoIP train yet, don’t worry it’s not too late. Head on over to CallHippo and transform your business communication.

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