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Latvia is an open economy situated in the Northern European region. It is a member of the European Union’s single market, since 1999-a member of the World Trade Organization, a member of the European Union dating 2004, a part of the Eurozone-2014, and a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development-2016. So, it is only natural if you want to take your business to such an important country. And frankly, what better way to reach a foreign country than a virtual mobile system.

Now establish your business in one of the fastest growing economies in the Baltic region using a Latvia local virtual phone number via CallHippo. Yes, you don’t need to set up a physical office to do business in Latvia, and don’t need to spend too much money on buying expensive hardware.  

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Business in Latvia

Ease of Doing Business Index announced by the World Bank Group ranked Latvia 14th on the Earth. Also, based on the Human Development Report-2011, Latvia is amongst the bracket of increasingly high human development countries.

Get your Best Latvia virtual phone number via CallHippo at a monthly number charge of just $7 and a $0.02 per minute flat calling cost. You know what? The happiest thing about a  CallHippo Latvia VOIP phone number is you can forward or divert an incoming call on your number to any local/global mobile phone or any VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol )-supported device.

For any phone service in Latvia, the code is 371. For making international calls, one must dial the country code and area code before dialing their Latvia virtual phone number.

Here is a list of some area codes in Latvia:

  • Dobele        – 37
  • Bauska       – 39
  • Cesis          – 41
  • Aluksne      – 43
  • Gulbene     – 44
  • Balvi           – 45
  • Alikreukel  – 49
  • Jekabpils    – 52
  • Daugavpils – 54
  • Kraslava     – 56

Callers subscribed to a Latvia toll-free phone number must dial 0800 before their Latvia phone number.

Perks of having a CallHippo Latvia VoIP phone number

Global and local presence

Use of CallHippo Latvia virtual phone enables your global and regional customers to reach your business without any charge at any hour of the day(24 hours). Also, buying a Latvia local phone number allows local presence, meaning your local customers always have a local number to call.

Easy and inexpensive

The Latvia VoIP virtual phone system of CallHippo and Latvia local number operates on a cloud-based system. So, you don’t have a physical phone setup and hardware expenses. Sign-up on our website and start using your virtual phone number in less than three minutes without signing a contract. So, CallHippo makes your business set up easy and cheaper as compared to the traditional telephony system.

Official caller ID and a chance of expansion

Whenever your business executive makes a customer call, Latvia local virtual phone number acts as the official caller ID. Moreover, CallHippo provides local mobile numbers for more than 58 countries. So, if you want to expand your business, CallHippo is the right place.

Additional features and overall improvement

We provide you additional features like call recording, conferencing, voice-mails, and more for the increase in your overall service level. Also, some of the features allow you to look back on your past calls with customers giving you a chance to mull over the scope of training your team needs.

Call Latvia from USA

Happy facts – Customer Support

Set up support

Now set up a Customer Support center for your local/international calls and that too with ease. At CallHippo we ensure through your Latvia virtual phone system that your customers have access to your business no matter wherever on Earth they are. Moreover, our service of Latvia local phone numbers ensures that your Latvian customers always have a local phone number to call for their queries and complaints.

Customer Support Benefits we provide at CallHippo

  • Affordability: We, at CallHippo, provide you a Latvia VoIP phone number at an affordable price of $7 per month.
  • Quick Service: Follow three simple steps and you are ready to use your Latvia local phone number or a Latvia toll-free number in less than three minutes. Enter your business details and choose your business number.
  • Reliable Connectivity: We never let your customer miss a call with an excellent 24/7 connectivity all around the year.

Features we provide

Call Recording

This feature adds an element of feedback to your business. You can now review the productivity of your staff over calls, use this feature to realize what improvements your calling staff needs. This helps you in training them for future calls.

Transfer and Divert calls

Now seamlessly transfer or divert incoming call on your number. If the caller mistakenly calls to the irrelevant department, this feature helps you to transfer the call to the relevant department. Increase your business reputation by such professional customer communication practice. Moreover, no need to buy any additional equipment, use callHippo built-in call transfer feature.

Call conference and barging

This feature allows you to turn a two-way phone call into a three-way call. That is, you can add a person to a received call, and all three parties can talk to each other. It is useful when your customer, the relevant team member, and you are in different places. Moreover, call barging is when a monitoring supervisor silently listening to your call, decides to enter into the call, hence turning it into a conference call.


Partner your business with CallHippo and amplify the reach of your business. With your Latvia VoIP phone number obtain an excellent outreach to new customers and provide a fantastic all-round service to your customers. If you’re a start-up owner then, CallHippo Latvia virtual phone system and Latvia toll-free phone number are ideal options to take it to the next level. Save yourself the irritation and inconvenience of physically setting up a customer service center in Latvia. CallHippo provides you a Latvia local phone number in less than three minutes. So come, save some time and money with CallHippo.

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