Establishing a seamless communication mechanism is a core priority, when you plan to expand your business in the international forum. A virtual phone number gives you a global presence, regardless of where you are operating from. In the contemporary business infrastructure, telemarketing and customer services play crucial roles in your marketing set-up. You can get an online phone number to reach out to customer bases in distant lands, while you operate from offices miles away.

Customers expect their service providers to be in close proximity. The ‘availability’ of these companies close to them gives them a psychological edge. Evidently, you need to focus on the local presence of your brand in other countries, even if you are away. In a US virtual number, the area code of the number matches the area where you target your customer bases. The customers get an impression that the business firms are located in a close proximity, which encourages them to go ahead with the deals.

Apart from this, the virtual mobile number US comes with a number of benefits. You can set up your toll-free number and receive the calls from your customers, resolving their issues. Let us have a look into the advantages of getting a virtual phone number for your business.

How can your business benefit from a local virtual phone number?

When you get a US virtual landline number for business, you get a number of benefits. These include:

  • Communicating with regional customers, marketing your products and providing adequate support services.
  • Controlling incoming calls according to your needs.
  • Business firms getting US landline number for mobile enjoys a massive reduction in expenses, as online calls are cheaper.
  • The calls can be received from anywhere and on any device, even when you are on the move.
  • You will never miss a call.
  • Easier collaboration between departments in different areas strengthens the business mechanism.
  • You can assign remote employees for managing your phone lines.
  • Using an online phone number can bolster your lead generation process.

Important features of a virtual phone system

A virtual phone system has certain features, which make it ideal for business purposes. These include:

  • Business firms can keep their number confidential and secure, as the customers receive the calls through a virtual number. They can also call on this number, which gets redirected to your own number.
  • A virtual attendant mechanism can be set up on your platform, when you get a virtual mobile number US. The customers need to press specified buttons for support, sales inquiry and so on. An automated voice can guide them about the subsequent processes. You can devise pre-set programs for your customers, in case you do not have an attendant to receive the calls at the moment.
  • Through call forwarding, all the incoming calls are directed to specified numbers. Besides, these calls can be directed to multiple numbers, reaching people in different locations.
  • It is easy to record calls when you get a US virtual landline number for business. You can enjoy a simplified process of maintaining your call history and records.
  • You can also add more than one extension for your employees.
  • The virtual phone numbers come with voicemail features, where the incoming calls and messages can be routed and recorded.
  • Multiple numbers can be configured with a single system to come up with a stronger operational mechanism.
  • Calls can be transferred during conversation and you can go for call conferences through these numbers.
  • Besides, you get a vast array of other features, including call analysis and reporting, queuing, custom greetings, call transcription and so on.
  • Then there is call monitoring, queuing, analytics and reporting, custom greetings and even transcription of the calls.


You can get a US landline number for mobile at low budget. The basic schemes start at $5, and ranges up to $100, which comes with an advanced set of features. The package sizes depend on the talk minutes. You can get the package that suits your budget and needs.

How can you get a local virtual US phone number?

It is easy to set up a virtual phone number of US. You can get the virtual phone system in quick time, following these steps.

  • Select the area code of the city, where your target audience is based.
  • After setting the area, you will come across a list of numbers, from where you need to choose the desired one.
  • You need to link your own number with the virtual number. This will allow you to make or receive calls from your home or office.
  • The users who will be attending the calls need to be added to the system.

Getting a US virtual number takes a few minutes. The incoming calls will be directed to the phone number you have linked to the system. You will be able to carry out your business from a different city, marketing your products in other countries.

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