Why Your Business Need Local Canada Phone Number?

Scenario 1:

Just imagine, your business is based in Montreal and you target buyers in Toronto. In your marketing campaigns run in Toronto, if you put a number with area code 514(Montreal), what do you think how many calls can you expect?

Scenario 2:

Now, you take up a Virtual Phone Number based in Toronto while you operate right from Montreal. Display virtual number with code 416 for Toronto (which is linked to your business number in Montreal). This definitely makes it easy for your customers to call you anytime without worrying about charges.

How a local virtual number can bring tons of benefits for your business?

  • Take communication to a regional level and expand your business.
  • You have complete control over local incoming calls.
  • A virtual number makes calling cost-effective as you can talk at cheaper rates.
  • You remain accessible on the move. Anyone of the multiple attendees can answer the call, hence you never miss any call.
  • It becomes easier for you to streamline all your internal business operations and customer inquiries from different regions.
  • Even remote employees can manage your phone line.

The more you make use of technology, the easier it gets for you to manage a business and generate leads.

Valuable features of a virtual phone system

  1. Call your customers and receive their calls on Virtual Number. Hence, your own number remains secure and confidential.
  2. Setup a virtual attendant. Press 1 for support, press 2 for sales inquiry. Arrange customized assistive programs for customers to guide them through the call leading to the respective departments.
  3. Call forwarding: Get all the calls and inquiries forwarded to your own selected number on which you want the calls to be redirected. A way for uninterrupted business communication!
  4. You can even promptly record the calls and easily maintain call history and records.
  5. Extension for employees: You can add multiple extensions for your team working remotely and ensure that all inquiries are responded to in the shortest time.
  6. Send to voicemail option: Just like your phone voicemail box, the virtual number is attached to a virtual voicemail container. Route the incoming calls there and get the callers’ message, query or complaint recorded.
  7. You can add multiple phone numbers too within a single system for convenience! This way you can route the virtual number to more than one number of yours.
  8. You can even transfer the call during a call and initiate call conferences too.
  9. Then there is call monitoring, queuing, analytics and reporting, custom greetings, and even transcription of the calls.

There is a lot more when it comes to features. Nonetheless, virtual numbers give you all the advantages of modern telephony technology.

Pricing: The pricing can be as low as $5 for the basic services, to $100 as well for advanced features. Depending on a number of allotted talk minutes the package price shall vary. You can go ahead with the one that fits your requirements and budget both.

How to get local virtual Canada phone number?

Setting up a local Canadian virtual number is a piece of cake. Follow the steps and your phone system will be up and running in minutes.

  • Choose the area code of the city where you need a virtual number,
  • Now that you have set the area, you’ll be given a list of available numbers. Select one from the given choices.  
  • Link it to your own desired number. It can be your private or work phone.
  • Add users to the system who will be attending the virtual number.
  • Now, the calls coming to the virtual Phone number will be redirected to the number you linked.

Bringing at all together

Equipping your business with a local Canada Virtual Phone Number virtually will give you a boost for your regional customer interactions. You can get rid of heavy-duty toll charges when people within that area code inquire with you.

All in all, you can make your business available in more cities by being just a call away. Happy calling!

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