Custom Music & Messages

Set custom music or message for your customers

VoIP based Virtual Phone Systems
  • Get virtual local phone numbers
  • Forward calls to your smartphone
  • Call Recording, voicemail & custom Music
  • Make calls from browser
  • Call Analytics to make data driven strategies
  • No credit card required.

Let your business promote your services on hold! Confused? When a prospective customer calls your company on call, it's indispensable for you to amuse them while they hold on the line. This tends to reduce hang-ups and upsurge sales.

Custom music and messages on hold convey your business's message evidently and skillfully. It allows you to put your best foot forward and create an enduring imprint on your probable clients.

So what are the benefits of using an on-hold message?
  • Present new products or services to your clienteles.
  • Prompt them how your business can assist in improving their condition and solve their issues.
  • Callers are more probable to stop on the line if they listen to a message as well as the background music.
  • Interest and notify them, prompt them that you price them as a client.
  • Music on hold is a decent way through which you can keep customers and callers on the line while they hear about the phone services.
  • You need to manage your new callers well and avoid blocking or hostility, which leads to augmented hang-ups. Hang-ups cost you money.

What you do to counteract a caller's incredulity can mean the variance between a lasting lucrative relationship or receiving a door banged on your face. A good on-hold message and music program converses dynamic sales-related info on your products and services. It conveys customer care to your clients and is cool to snoop too!

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