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Make your Website personalized using Dynamic Number Insertion


What is a Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion also known as phone call tracking system enables you to change your business phone numbers dynamically on your website based on the visitor’s location. For instance, someone visiting your website from France will view the contact number allocated for France and Visitors from the U.S. will view the number allocated for the U.S.


Enable DNI In CallHippo And Track Visitors From Worldwide

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How it works?

For instance you have assigned number +44-7485456768 for (source 1), that is United Kingdom and number +61-7589768 for (source 2) for Australia, and number +1-6264893785 for (source 3) U.S.

Now, when someone visits your website from australia; He/She will see +61 7589768 number on the website; where as someone visiting the website from U.S see the number assigned to U.S that is source 3.

How to enable your Dynamic number insertion javascript code?

  • Log in to CallHippo account.
  • Go to the Integrations tab.
  • Apps>Click on Country based DNI
  • You will be directed to DNI setup page.
  • You will see your available numbers in “Country” and “Phone Number” column.
  • Select the country/ies “Display in Country” column> Click on Submit.
  • Go to Copy Code tab click on “Copy to Clipboard”
  • Now you have the Dynamic number insertion javascript code; Embed it in your website.

*note: one of these attributes need to be mentioned in your script previously for Dynamic number insertion javascript code to work” tel:, dial:, callto:, ucdail:, sip:, skype:, call:”

benifits of dynamic number insertion

Now that we have a clear idea on how DNI works, lets see how it can it benefit you/ your company?

  • With your company having a global presence, it is important for you to gain their trust, where Dynamic number insertion(DNI) helps you with that, by showing the customers a local number.
  • Increase customer engagement by displaying custom information in regards to the visitor, which creates a image that your company is easily approachable.
  • Make more effective ad campaigns by phone call tracking. Analyse your visitors, With the help of various metrics that DNI provides.
  • Phone call tracking goes way beyond the normal caller id information, and provides you in dept data. Analyse traffic and call logs.
  • Phone call tracking enables you to imbed message with native language of the user and as well route calls to a representative with a native language
  • For data driven marketers, phone call tracking is the most effective feature possible.

FAQ's about Dynamic Number Insertion

No, we are providing this feature without any additional costs to CallHippo Clients.

There is no criteria of minimum numbers, though we would suggest you to have at least 2 numbers to experience Dynamic Number Insertion.

Yes you can, if you select a particular country in “Display Country”, your number will only be displayed when a visitor is from the selected country.

Open a new window, clear your cache and change your ip address to the country you want to check.

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