In today’s digital economy, when you start any business with people in other countries, international calling comes along. With it accompanies technical details like calling costs, calling rates, and more.

Whether they are running a small business or owning a large organization, maximizing sales is always of prime importance to lead the company on the path of success. If you can uplift sales without radically increasing the costs per transaction, your business will not only grow in terms of size but also will enhance its profit margins.

According to a survey, businesses have to face downturn over the long haul if –

  • While making calls, the sales team is unaware of whether it would be the right time to talk to a person they are calling. If they are unable to connect to the client, they end up wasting their productive time.
  • When international calling is involved, many times, they fail to recognize which country the number belongs to. As a result, they receive unexpected calling charges as well as might end up calling the client at the wrong time.


Let’s make this survey understandable with a practical example.

Suppose that you have 7 members on your sales team. Each member makes 30 calls a day out of which about 10-12 requests are such that either the number is invalid or unreachable as the client might not be available at that time. Let’s say, the average time spent on each call is 2-3 minutes.


Time spent on total callsTime spent on Invalid/Unreachable calls
Per day, 30 x 2 = 60 minutesPer day, 10 x 2 = 20 minutes
As your company works 5 days a week,

Time spent per week is 60 x 5 = 300 minutes

Time spent per week is 20 x 5 = 100 minutes

Time spent per month is 23 x 60 = 1380 minutes (wherein working days = 23)

Time spent per month is 23 x 20 = 460 minutes
To be precise,

Time spent is 1380 / 60 = 23 hours

Time spent is 460 / 60 = 7.6 hours


Each employee spending 4.6 hours per month (i.e., 4.6 x 12 = 55.2 hours per year) for calls that are either invalid or trying to reach clients that are not available to receive calls is a waste of time. This, in turn, increases the cost and time of acquiring a customer.

They say,Time is money” But, we say, 

Waste of Time = Waste of Money = Loss in Business

As per a survey

  •         92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.
  •         50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell.
  •         It takes an average of 18 call attempts to actually reach a potential candidate.
  •         80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the first meeting.
  •         Over one trillion dollars are spent annually on the sales team.

Many a time, it becomes difficult to decide whether lowering sales costs or increasing revenue is more critical for a company.  However, a courageous way to save your business from this downturn is to make your sales operations not only cost-effective but also more valuable.

“Every company needs to adapt and evolve. They should always be ready to update their processes and ways of working. Companies must be open to using new technologies and ideas.”

Considering this as our prime motive, we, at CallHippo – a leading virtual phone number service provider, has come up with an interesting solution that will help you cut calling/sales costs, and increase revenues. For this, CallHippo introduces a feature called GLOBALCONNECT.

GLOBALCONNECT – the name speaks for itself. Isn’t it?

Well, let us brief you.

GLOBALCONNECT is a tool that enables you to find out the time zone of a specific country where you want to place a call in no time.

With the introduction of this feature, CallHippo has offered a golden opportunity for all its users to help their sales team save time on calling clients.

Below are the features of GLOBALCONNECT:

  •         It notifies you if the number you want to dial is valid or not.
  •         It tells you which country the number belongs to.
  •         It lets you check the time zone of that country, i.e., Day, Date, and Time of that specific country

Wondering, how it will work? Well, it is simpler than you might have thought!

What you require doing is hover your cursor over the number that you want to dial – be it in your CRM or on any website. All the details mentioned above will instantly pop up. That’s it!

For example, one of your client’s numbers is +17408482535. Let’s say you want to call him to take follow-up regarding your meeting. You called him once and found that he is not reachable. After some time, you try again but fail to connect. This repeats for 3-5 times, and you give up on that client. Eventually, your business faces loss.

Now, suppose that you are a CallHippo user. With its GLOBALCONNECT, the above scenario would be exceptionally different. You would take your cursor to dial the number and every detail associated with the number will pop up – it is a valid number, belongs to the USA, the date is: May 23, 2019, time is: 08:06:46. You will be able to decide if it would be appropriate to call the client immediately or not.


GLOBALCONNECT enables you to save a significant amount of time spent on checking if the number is valid or not. It also liberates you from dialing a client at the wrong time. Hence, your company can economize call costs by calling the right person at the right time. 

If your company incorporates a sales team, GLOBALCONNECT would be a boon for them.

As Sales bridges the gap between a potential customer’s needs and the product/service that the organization offers to fulfill their needs, it plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. With GLOBALCONNECT, your sales team can eliminate the time wasted on making failed attempts to reach a client and invest that time to get in touch with fruitful prospects, thus increasing their productivity. Additionally, knowing the country where they would be calling helps gauge the calling costs. They can, therefore, decide to choose the best possible virtual phone number or toll-free number your company owns and place the call accordingly.

With saving time, your employees can focus on ways in which the business can benefit. Along with this, your company also saves tremendously on the calling costs. 

Prerequisites for GLOBALCONNECT:

To utilize the features of GLOBALCONNECT efficiently,

  •     You must be a CallHippo User.
  •     CallHippo offers a seamless integration with your CRM, which will allow you to place calls directly without any hassle.
  •     You must install CallHippo’s Google Chrome Extension to benefit from GLOBALCONNECT.

You can make the most out of our research and the GLOBALCONNECT feature to reach your potential prospects and boost your business. Ultimately, GLOBALCONNECT will prove to be an excellent deal for your company.

Pro Tip:

To help sales representatives succeed in achieving their goals, we, at CallHippo, a prominent virtual phone number service provider, conducted thorough research on what is the right time to call a client. And, we found that the best day to call your clients is Wednesday and the best time to make calls is between 4 and 5 PM.

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