Sales are the lifeline of any prosperous business. Optimizing sales is the paramount way to ensure that your organization is set to achieve long term success in the dynamic business battlefield. If you need a way to enhance your sales function – don’t think twice, just make sure to activate call analytics feature on your virtual number!

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Call analytics and tracking in virtual phone numbers is the latest buzzword in the business arena and is a great way to streamline your sales processes for maximum efficiency. Virtual phone numbers make it possible for modern business organizations to optimize their sales function by adopting toll-free and local tracking numbers – it’s a great way to make sure that your customer expectations are met, and you are able to cultivate specific behaviors in your service staff to maximize on your sales numbers!

Sales optimization is a critical business aspect as in today’s hyper-competitive market it is absolutely essential that firms provide the optimum value to customers and drive ultra-successful sales behavior for long-lasting relationships. Toll-free and local telephone numbers with the call analytics feature make sure that your organization takes proactive steps in harnessing technology to meet the requirements of your valued customer base. Call analytics and tracking in virtual phone numbers is definitely something your organization does not want to miss out on – so let’s understand better what call analytics is all about!

How Does Call Analytics Work?

Call analytics is surely a feature that can transform your sales function and escalate your bottom line results to an all-time high! Call Analytics is a terminology used to describe the measurement, gathering, analysis, and reporting of business phone call data. Marketers use Call analytics in virtual phone numbers as a powerful tool to optimize their marketing campaigns and improve call handling techniques. If your toll-free or local phone number has call analytics, you get a range of versatile marketing data on your fingertips- a plethora of information that can help any marketer take the right decisions for the maximum organizational benefit!

Call analytics through toll-free and local tracking phone numbers enables users to sort out, break down and report marketing data to maximize key performance indicators such as return on investment. Inbound calls are an under-utilized marketing asset, and call analytics feature in virtual phones helps you to record conversations to decipher how your customer service teams are handling incoming call traffic. There’s definitely no doubt that call analytics is a transformational feature that can help business owners augment their sales efficiency and performance exponentially!

Benefits of Call Analytics Feature:

Implementing toll-free and local tracking numbers can help you amass a wealth of information that will help you make sense your marketing campaigns, and lead to higher sales figures in the long run. Here are some major benefits of call analytics that will give your organization a competitive edge in the market:

  • Tracks Key Performance Metrics: Call analytics helps in keeping a real-time track of vital performance metrics such as a number of inbound calls, call during, call time and location, landing page performance and conversation details to help marketers get a holistic picture of how their strategy is playing out. This data is super important as it helps to keep a detailed record of call information so that the required action can be taken to improve service levels to the maximum.
  • Improves Service Staff Performance: Call recording can be used to identify the way your service and support staff is interacting with clients, and it can be analyzed to pinpoint where they are going wrong. Once the areas for improvement have been identified, training modules for staff can be introduced to help them inculcate customer-centric behavior. This makes sure that your client base remains happy and delighted with support staff performance, thereby ensuring their long-term loyalty to the organization.
  • Observes Customer Trends – Call analytics on virtual mobile phone numbers to help marketers get a clear picture of current customer trends such as what time is incoming call traffic high, what are common service complaints and what problems customers are facing. Certain keyword and catchphrases in conversations can be used to index phone calls so that managers to dig deeper to find out specific service complaints.
  • Ensure A Quality Experience For Every Caller: Call analytics feature is a sure shot way to make sure that each and every customer receives a high-quality experience! By determining key factors such as call length, volume, and service requirements, organizations will be able to allocate the proper quantity of service personnel to completely handle any fluctuations in volume. Toll-free and local tracking phone numbers make sure that your customers have a pleasant experience and keep endorsing your brand!

So if you are wondering whether or not to invest in call analytics, these major advantages will surely push you towards adopting this revolutionary sales optimization feature!

How to Use Call Analytics Through CallHippo:

CallHippo is one of the best service providers in the market today, and getting a virtual phone number through CallHippo will dramatically increase your end results and objectives! Setting up call analytics on your virtual phone number is a very easy and user-friendly procedure.

You need to open the user’s tab, click on activity feed and start call recording to start tracking all your incoming calls. It is a very fast process, and within three minutes you can set up call analytics through CallHippo and gaining strategic insights into customer service patterns.

Call analytics is surely an essential component of any organization’s overall marketing strategy. Making sure that you are tracking calls of toll-free and local telephone numbers is the secret ingredient for marketing success! It makes your organization more responsive to client service and monitors key performance indicators to make your sales rocket sky-high.

So make sure that your organization invests in a quality service provider for call analytics in virtual phone numbers – it will surely fast track your organization on to the path of business victory!

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